Despite Arrest, Superhero Vows to Fight On

Posted on October 17, 2011


This is one of those things that you just can’t make up, America.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

Superhero Phoenix Jones talks to the media Thursday in Seattle. COURTNEY BLETHEN RIFFKIN / THE SEATTLE TIMES

Washington State (Jonathan Martin-The Seattle Times) – Phoenix Jones, the self-appointed crime-fighting citizen superhero of Seattle, walked out of a downtown courtroom in costume with his trademark black and gold rubber suit beneath a collared shirt.

He declared to a dozen waiting journalists that he would continue his nocturnal patrols despite his arrest for a crime intervention gone wrong early Sunday morning.

Then, with a dramatic flourish, Jones whipped off his hood, revealing his 23-year-old face and a high-rise flattop.

“I am also Ben Fodor,” he said. “I also am a father. I also am a brother. I’m just like everyone else. The only difference is that I decided to make a difference and stop crime in my neighborhood and my area.”

Self-appointed superhero Phoenix Jones, 23, removes his hood Thursday, saying his real name is Ben Fodor.

Benjamin Fodor, out on bail pending his arrest for assault, was not charged Thursday. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes’ staff said they were still interviewing witnesses and will look at a video of the incident before deciding whether to file charges.

Fodor has said he did nothing wrong by pepper-spraying a group of late-night partygoers at 2:30 a.m. Sunday in Pioneer Square because he sought to break up a fight. At least one witness corroborates his account.

But Fodor’s arrest underscores increasing frustration among police and even some fellow “superheroes” about his yearlong stint as “Real Life Superhero” Phoenix Jones.

He has emerged as the poster child of the estimated 300 or 400 nationwide Real Life Superheroes, a movement that involves fantastically costumed citizens patrolling to stop crime or doing ad hoc social work.

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