Prison Chaplain Charged With Sexual Assault

Posted on October 24, 2011


Wisconsin (Billy Hallowell-The Blaze) – There’s a disturbing story coming out of Winnebago County, Wisconsin.  On Friday, a Wiccan prison chaplain appeared in court to plead not guilty to sexually assaulting an inmate back in August.

Jamyi Witch (yes, her last name actually is “Witch”), 52, is accused of drugging the inmate, then performing sexual acts on him.  In addition to this charge, she has also been accused of delivering narcotics. Witch, who is wheelchair-bound, denies these allegations.

She claims she was the one whom was held hostage and that she was sexually assaulted. Outside of the odd facts and circumstances surrounding the case, it’s your basic “he said, she said” scenario. However, there’s more to the story.

Court records indicate that the two knew one another before the incident unfolded and that the entire hostage situation may have been staged. Prosecutors are claiming that Witch and the inmate were plotting a scheme to get themselves transferred to another prison (to clarify, Witch is on staff, but employees also need to go through an official transfer system in most prison systems).

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