Dad Goes After Punk Who Groped His Daughters Whoo Whoo

Posted on October 26, 2011


Massachusettes (Barry Liebowitz-CBS/WBZ) – A pedestrian mall was crowded with pre-Halloween visitors a few days ago – after all, Salem is known as “The Witch City.”  A 15-year-old girl from Northfield, New Hampshire was strolling with her family.

That’s when someone grabbed her between the legs and squeezed, prompting her to scream hysterically and tumble to the pavement. The perp took off, with the girl’s Dad giving chase on foot, zig-zagging through the crowd and shouting for help.

Eventually some Good Samaritans tackled the guy a couple of blocks away and held him, CBS affiliate WBZ reported.

Peter Kelly and a couple of his bouncers at Murphy’s Bar helped corral the fleeing suspect on the sidewalk just across the street — and kept the victim’s angry Dad from pummeling him.

“We told him to calm down,” said Kelly. “I told him the police would be here and they would handle it. And he was okay with that,” Kelly told WBZ.

According to the station, police said the groper is 18-year-old Yousef Hashem, who works for a food contractor at a traveling carnival nearby.   Salem detectives declined to release his picture, because they’re showing it to the victims of three other virtually identical gropings — which all took place after the carnival arrived in town 10 days ago.

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