Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Familiar 10-Year-Old

Posted on November 2, 2011


Texas (Cynthia Vega, Majorie Owens, and Jonathan Betz-WFAA-TV) – Carrollton police arrested 23-year-old Jose Sifuentes and charged him with murder Tuesday for the stabbing death of Jasmen Gonzalez. They say Sifuentes knew his 10-year-old victim and is related to her by marriage.

The body of Jasmen Gonzales, 10, was found in a stranger’s backyard a few blocks away from the apartment where she was staying with relatives.

Sifuentes had been labeled a “person of interest” since Sunday, when Jasmen’s body was found a short distance away from the Carrollton apartments where she had been staying with family members.

The girl and her parents had come to North Texas for the weekend from their home in Oklahoma City.

During a news conference Tuesday, police explained more about the evidence and damaging testimony that led to the arrest of Sifuentes.

“The evidence that we have presently will sustain the charge he’s charged with,” said Carrollton police spokesman Lt. Doug Mitchell.

Sifuentes’ wife said she saw him drive back to their apartment right after the 10-year-old went missing, according to police. Sifuentes could not explain where he was right after family members reported Jasmen had disappeared.

Court documents reveal that throughout the night and the frantic search for Jasmen, Sifuentes came and went. At one point, relatives found Jasmen’s glasses in front of the apartment near where Sifuentes had parked his Lincoln Navigator earlier.

At that moment, the 23-year-old suspect allegedly told his wife it was a good thing he did not park his vehicle in front of the apartment “because the cops would think he was involved.”

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