Mother of Son Killed in Home Invasion Wants Answers

Posted on December 4, 2011


This story is related to the Intruder Dead After Home Invasion story, released earlier this week.

Arkansas (5News Online) – The family of a Fayetteville man killed in a home invasion is looking for answers. Police say he was one of three men police say broke into a house Monday night. The other two men are still on the loose.  One was apprehended today.

Debbie Cooper wants to know what led to her son, 21 year old Roderick Rashaun Cooper’s death.

“I am mad as hell,” Cooper says. “I want to know what happened to my, truly what happened to my child. And if he did it like they said, so be it. Investigate and let me find out you come to me and say we investigated this is how they said it happened.”

He was killed in a home invasion Monday night. Police say a man living in the house; Cory Roberts shot and killed him. Police say Cooper and two other men broke into the house with guns. But Coopers brother Reggie says, that’s not in his brothers character.

“They say that my brother had a gun,” Reggie Cooper says. “That’s something I won’t believe. I’ll never believe it. I don’t care if the cops come to me and say my brother had a gun, I won’t believe it.”

Police are still searching for the other two intruders. And now Cooper’s family, friends and teachers struggle to understand how he ended up in that violent situation.  They remember him as a kind and fun loving person. Debbie Cooper says it’s hard for her to accept police and eyewitness accounts of the moments leading to her son’s death. She hasn’t seen his body, or heard from the other two armed men. Debbie wants to hear directly from the man who killed her son. She says if the accounts add up she’ll accept her son’s involvement. But now, she just wants to know the truth.

“I want to talk to those guys the guy that shot him,” Debbie says. “I want to see him, I want to talk to him let him tell me to my face this is what happened.”

As for the men who live in the house; Cory Roberts is in the hospital in good condition. He shot himself in the leg while trying to escape. We reached out to his roommate William Whitehead. He did not want to comment at this time.

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