Readers Choice: Some-uns’s Gotta Pay Fo’ All My Chirrins’, Welfare Mother of 15, Puts it on Everyone Else

Posted on December 7, 2011


Florida ( – Credit to Gaslamp Post reader, Ted, for this story.  Damn, two days in a row.  Keep ’em coming, guys!

Are you surprised, America?  People like Adams honestly believe that its everyone else’s responsibility to feed and house them.  If she can’t (or won’t) do anything to provide for her family, well, then someone OWES her.  You saw it in the video, you heard the words come out of her own mouth, and having MORE kids that she can’t feed, in her mind, is her God-given right!  Don’t you just want to slap the shit out of people like that?

People like this make me sick.  This isn’t needy or underprivileged, this is self-inflicted stupidity and irresponsibility to the highest degree, that I’ve ever seen.

This is why I seriously believe that welfare should be ended.  It truly helps no one.  When I see our president up on his podium, speaking at great lengths, for why those who produce wealth should pay more, and then also watch as he goes on yet ANOTHER vacation (that I’m paying for, thank you very much), it pisses me off.  When I find out that his supporters and family members of his supporters get billions in federal guaranteed loans that they don’t have to pay back, and then see crap like THIS going on, where some retarded, ghetto-linlgish speaking, half-ass, sorry excuse for a human being decides that “someone need to pay fo’ all my fih-teen chirr-ins, an’ fo’ AWL uh pain, an’ suffr-in”, I’m about to blow my stack.  Yeah, it’s all SOCIAL SERVICES fault for messing her life up.

THIS is taking care of our societies most vulnerable?  THIS is making things fair for the little guy?  THIS is what they call SOCIAL JUSTICE???  Are you fucking kidding me???  How the hell is welfare helping this dumb broad?  How is it bettering her situation, or helping her kids to grow up and out of poverty?  Hey, if you said “it isn’t”, then you’re absolutely right!

Quick economics lesson, boys and girls; people are only going to pay what they have to, in order to obtain a good or service.  That’s basic law of supply and demand.  If you pay some stupid person to live and make more stupid people, and demand nothing in return, guess what’s going to happen?  

If anything, we’re paying people to remain stupid and eventually, become the majority!  I equate it to receiving a daily whack to the forehead with a tack hammer in order to receive a piece of bread a day.  That’s basically all this welfare program is; both make you stupid, hurt you in the long run, and make you unable to do for yourself.  And as for me?  I’ve got kids and a home of my own that I have to pay for, myself.  No one owes me, and I sure the hell don’t owe any of these leeches.  Now I see what my tax dollars are going to produce?  I’m damn sick of paying for it! 

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