Police Plan on Quarantining Pitbulls Who Attacked Trespasser

Posted on December 17, 2011


Washington State (Craig Welch-The Seattle Times) – A man who was attacked by four pitbulls in Seattle last night was apparently trespassing on the property, police said this morning.

The man had apparently climbed a 10-foot fence around 9 p.m. and entered the yard illegally, said Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb. Once in the yard, the man was attacked by the dogs.

“The person had no business being there and this was their dog run, so to speak,” Whitcomb said. “The dogs were blameless, they were merely protecting their area. We’re going to be requesting charges of criminal trespass on this person. It’s a misdemeanor level offense.”

Whitcomb said that the homeowner heard the commotion and called the dogs off and placed them into a kennel.

“The suspect was unable to walk due to his injuries, so the homeowner placed the suspect on a hand truck and moved him to the street,” Whitcomb said.  “The homeowner flagged down a passerby and asked them to call 911.”

Seattle Fire medics provided first aid and then took the man to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment. His injuries were not life-threatening.  The man suffered a number of puncture wounds and extensive injuries to his head, arm, neck, and an ear, according to Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore.

The dogs were left in the care of their owner last night. The homeowner provided the officers with licenses and veterinary records for the dogs.

Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan said this morning that they will investigate the incident and look into whether the dogs have any previous history of biting. He said that it’s likely the dogs will be quarantined, but what will happen after that is unclear.

Source for story:     http://today.seattletimes.com/2011/12/4-pitbulls-attack-man-in-south-seattle/

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