Woman Runs Over Husband, Then Mocks Him

Posted on December 27, 2011


Arizona (John Genovese-The Arizona Republic) – A 35-year-old Mesa woman admitted to driving over her husband during an argument stemming from the man’s alleged infidelity, officials said.

Colene Barker was arrested about 9 p.m. Monday at the Sandal Ridge Apartments near University and Country Club drives, according to the Mesa Police Department.

Authorities said Barker intentionally struck her husband with the car, knocking him to the ground before proceeding to drive over both his legs.

Witnesses told police Barker initially rammed the man’s vehicle twice before pointing the car towards her husband and accelerating.

According to a court document, immediately following the incident, the 35-year-old exited her car and mocked the man while he was on the ground “rolling in pain.”  

Barker told police the man was cheating on her and she drove over him to “teach him a lesson,” court documents state.

According to police, the man was taken to Desert Banner Medical Center and sustained bruising and “numerous lacerations.”

Authorities said Barker’s husband was in the process of filing for divorce and had been living with his current girlfriend for the past two years.

He said Barker first knocked on his apartment door, asked him to follow her, and recalls the woman already in her car when he arrived to the parking lot, court records state.

The man did not want to press charges, stating “(Barker) is a good mother” and “it’s my entire fault,” police said.

Barker is facing domestic violence charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage.

Source for story:     http://www.azcentral.com/community/mesa/articles/2011/12/27/20111227police-mesa-woman-ran-cheating-husband-over.html

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