Deadbeat Parents to State: Stop Jailing Us For Not Paying Child Support, AND Give Us Free Lawyers!

Posted on January 5, 2012


Georgia (Bill Rankin-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) – Thousands of parents facing possible jail time for failing to pay child support can join a lawsuit that says lawyers should be appointed to represent them if unable to afford counsel, a  judge has ruled.  Wait, hold up…  These dead beats what the state to pay for WHAT???

In a Dec. 30 order, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter granted class-action status to a suit filed last year against the state by five parents who had been jailed for child-support debtHey, that’s the breaks.  You’re ordered to pay child support, you have to pay child support; I get it, every other guy out there, gets it.

Georgia is one of the few states nationwide that does not provide lawyers for indigent parents facing civil contempt in child-support proceedings. The state already struggles, because of budget shortfalls, to provide lawyers to indigent (poor) people charged with criminal offensesYes, because of the 5th and 6th amendments.  See also Miranda rights…  That is because someone who is charged with a crime has the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be INNOCENT until proven guilty.  A dead beat who skips out on their child support, is not going to jail over being charged with a crime, they are going to jail for… wait for it… wait for it… REFUSING TO COMPLY WITH A COURT ORDER!!!!!  That’s right, contempt of court!!!

The lawsuit contends Georgia is creating modern-day debtor’s prisons for those jailed when they have no ability to pay because they have lost jobs or are disabled and unable to find work.  WHAT?!?!?  The state of Georgia is RESPONSIBLE for these losers going to jail?  Did the state of GEORGIA make these kids, and therefore, has to feed them? 

Blaming the state of Georgia for dead beats going to jail for skipping out on their parental responsibilities, is like blaming cars for drunk driving, guns for murders, and spoons for making Rosie O’Donnell, fat.

As of October, Baxter noted, about 845 parents were incarcerated in Georgia for child-support debt in cases filed by lawyers on behalf of the state Department of Human Services. More than 3,500 parents have been jailed, without legal representation,

Condoms… much cheaper that child support

since the beginning of last year, the order said.  And?  Where in the constitution, does it say that WE THE PEOPLE have to pay for legal counsel, for people who refuse to feed the kids they make?  I like the way that paragraph was written…

Hey look, this is a total no-brainer; if you can’t afford to feed the brats, then don’t make them!  It’s called a condom, idiots, they’re cheaper than child support.  I shit you not!

Sarah Geraghty, a lawyer with the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights, which represents the parents who filed suit, said she was pleased with Baxter’s ruling.

Fairness requires that an indigent parent be appointed a lawyer in a case in which the state entity trying to send him to jail is represented by experienced, learned counsel,” Geraghty said.  EXCUSE ME?  “Fairness requires” WHAT?!?!?!  This bitch wants to talk about fair?  Sure, yeah, LET’S TALK about FAIR!  The state, beg your pardon, the TAX PAYER has to pay for these kids when the other parent can’t do it alone, and the fucker who made the kids has no repercussions? 

The simplicity behind the mechanics of these things is mind boggling!

The dead beat seems to have no problem with the notion, that in addition to paying for his kids, the tax payer should also have to foot the bill for his lawyer.  YEAH, THAT’S FAIR, RIGHT?  You want to know what’s fair, America?  A mob of tax payers, with pitchforks and torches, going to these assholes houses, and threatening to cut their balls off, so they can’t make any more kids that we have to pay for.  Don’t talk to me about fair, assholes…

The state will appeal Baxter’s ruling to the Georgia Supreme Court, said Lauren Kane, a spokeswoman for the state Attorney General’s Office.

If the suit prevails, Georgia must set funds aside to pay for appointed counsel. North Carolina, for example, pays more than $3 million per year to appointed lawyers in child-support cases.  Are you serious?  I thought they said that Georgia was already having a hard time paying their bills.  Where’s the additional money going to come from?  Federal grants?  Higher taxes?  Businesses?  Well if people aren’t working there already, what happens to businesses that provide those jobs when they decide that Georgia just isn’t worth it, and leave?  Good thinking, morons!

The Fulton County suit seeks lawyers for indigent parents in civil contempt actions brought by state attorneys on behalf of DHS. It would not apply to cases involving parents who retain lawyers and seek to hold their former spouses in contempt for failing to pay child supportWhy are the poor entitled to lawyers and people who can afford them, not?  Isn’t that discrimination against people who actually WORK?  What’s the incentive to work, when the government will just hand you something?

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a South Carolina man jailed for failing to pay child support was not entitled to have a lawyer appointed to represent him. Gee, I wonder why that was?  In that case, the child’s mother was not represented by a state attorney and the state’s social services agency was not a party in the case. The high court noted it was not deciding whether counsel should be provided when state social services agencies are involved and represented by lawyers.

The Supreme Court also said that 70 percent of child-support delinquency cases nationwide involve parents with either no reported income or income of less than $10,000 a yearHey, ever watch Maurry?  Something tells me that welfare moms and crack dealer, jailbird, “thugs,” don’t file tax returns.  This entire argument is faulty.  That’s like saying that illegal aliens aren’t crossing our borders anymore, because there’s not as many being caught – only after we pull our troops off of the border.  These idiots DID go to college, didn’t they?

Baxter’s ruling cited an affidavit from Oswaldo Vicente, a Gordon County man who is a native of Guatemala with limited understanding of the English language. After losing his job at a carpet mill, Vicente said, he was jailed twice last year after attending hearings in which he was provided neither an interpreter nor a lawyer to represent him and where the state was represented by counsel.  Hey, that’s the breaks, asshole.  This is America, we speak ENGLISH here.  Disrespect our culture at your own risk, fucko!

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