UNTHINKABLE! Local Unions Refuse to Give In Even As Threat of State Takeover Looms

Posted on January 12, 2012


This is a prime example of WHY you have to pay attention to not only who you vote into office, but WHY you have to watch them, get involved, and ask questions.  They work for YOU, America.  That means when they screw up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Michigan (Dawson Bell and Steve Neavling-The Detroit Free Press) – Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council must reach concessions with city unions by early February to avoid a recommendation of state intervention from the state’s emergency review team, state Treasurer Andy Dillon said today.  Translation:  The state steps in with an Emergency Manager, fires everybody and cuts off most public, non-essential services. 

But union leaders said the chance of reaching an agreement is very unlikely, even after members of the review team expressed shock and anger over the severity of the financial crisis and how little of it was publicly known until recently.  That’s what happens when you elect crooks.  They rip you off and run you into the ground, and you have no idea what they’ve done until it all comes apart.  It doesn’t happen overnight though; no each guy you elect in gets his hands in, then leaves some for the next guy.  Everyone’s in on it so no one says a word.  Well, that is until suddenly there’s no money left to pay their obligations…  then they blame EVERYBODY!

Three key union negotiators reached by the Free Press today said members likely won’t ratify contracts because the unions representing the police and fire departments won’t accept 10% pay cuts. Sure…  keep demanding those benefits.  It’s not like a big city like Detroit would ever fire police officers, right?  Oh wait, didn’t Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel close a whole shitload of police stations and lay off a bunch of cops, last year?  Non-public safety employees accepted 10% pay cuts in 2010, and are now being asked to absorb cuts in pension and health care benefitsHey, where’s the SEIU to protest this one?  Weren’t they all over Wisconsin, Indiana, and New Jersey last year, when public sector employees were facing cuts to their “goodies”?

Bing and many council members acknowledge there’s virtually no way to avoid more state intervention without union concessions.

Dillon and eight other members of the review team making their first and possibly only public appearance in Lansing almost unanimously said the city still can avoid the appointment of an emergency manager, which both Bing and the council have said is unnecessary.

Dillon said the review team will attempt to complete its work by early March. The team could recommend to Gov. Rick Snyder one of three options: appointment of an emergency manager, entering into a consent agreement with Bing and the council to stabilize the city’s finances, or accept the city’s plan to work out its problems on its ownAnyone else think that third one is laughable?  The city who screwed the whole thing up, is going to magically come up with a plan to do what they should have been doing, all along.  It must be nice to be a politician, and just spew bullshit – and still keep your job.

The biggest challenge of fixing the financial crisis is gaining more than $100 million a year in union concessions.

Even after everything we have gone through during this recession, some people still don’t get it!  There’s no more money, you’re broke, and you’re still under the impression that you can somehow turn it all around. 

Have you ever seen a problem gambler lose everything, and still think that if they can get a few bucks, they can make it all back?  That’s what this looks like to me. 

The unions want their cut, the politicians want their cut, everyone in position to make this city run, couldn’t give a shit that the city is falling apart.  I did a story last year about how Detroit is so far in debt, that they had to literally rip up hundreds of street lights, because they were over extended on what they owed the utility, and couldn’t get any more credit.  Entire neighbors, some in already high crime areas, suddenly went dark. 

Amazing…  and there’s still people out there who believe that this is all a ruse to scare voters into voting conservative.  Some believe that the money is there, politicians are just being selfish.  GROW UP ALREADY, HUH?

Source for story:     http://www.freep.com/article/20120110/NEWS01/120110048/Andy-Dillon-Dave-Bing-Detroit-City-Council-state-takeover

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