High Speed Chase Through 3 Counties Ends With Stripper Landing On The Hood Of a Car

Posted on January 19, 2012


Wisconsin (Bruce Vielmetti-The Journal Sentinal) – of course, WISCONSIN! The 70-year-old Illinois man charged with running down a stripper after a high-speed chase through three northern Wisconsin counties had been sharing a hotel room with the woman and photographing her, she told a judge.  Well alrighty, then.

Benedict Sedivy – photo Nikki Younk/Daily News Photo

The back story of Benedict Sedivy emerged during his preliminary hearing in Florence County on Tuesday, the Daily News reports.

The woman, Nicole Christenson, 32, testified she had met Sedivy while working as an exotic dancer at a club in Eagle River. She said she let him drive her around, stayed in his hotel room, and posed for photography sessionsWait, what?  “let him” drive her around, “stayed” in his HOTEL ROOM, and “posed” for…  yeah…  Hey whatever works, right honey?

On Jan. 6, when her sometime boyfriend SOMETIME BOYFRIEND, from ANOTHER STATE.  That must’ve been some relationship, Michael Kirch, 46, of Kingsford, Mich., came to watch her dance, he invited her back to Kingsford OK, so now we have TWO official losers in the story. But when she stopped to get her things at the hotel room, Kirch testified, Sedivy told him he had videotaped an intoxicated Christenson having sex with another man the night beforeAtta boy, grandpa!  Tell us you hit that!  Please, just say you did.  Lie to us if you have to, tell us you weren’t that old guy who got played… 

Can we see the tape?

Kirch became upset and asked for the tapes, he testified, prompting Sedivy to pull a long knife from inside a cane and threaten him. Kirch left the room, but later ducked in and took photography equipment when he and Christenson left for Michigan. When Sedivy  realized the equipment was missing, he chased the couple more than 40 miles to Florence County, where Kirch went into a ditch while trying to lose Sedivy on a twisty road about 12 miles west of Florence.

They fled to the woods before Christenson decided to go back out on the road and try to talk to Sedivy,which is when the complaint charges he drove at her and she leaped onto the hood to avoid more serious injury.

Sedivy, of Cicero, Ill., did not testify, the News reported.

WTF was this all about now?  Some codger shacks up with a 30-something stripper (obviously past her prime) in a hotel room, and when her old boyfriend comes back, the two of them RIP HIM OFF.  Well, that’s not a new one; russian mail order brides have been running that scam since before I was born.  Yeah guys, you might want to be careful with those eastern european mail order broads…

I get it… Old guy, lonely, has a hotel room and camera equipment…  He has (what is to him) a young tart who loses clothes at the drop of a hat…  He pulls out the dirty old man camera…  how many old guys should be so lucky, right?

Yes he chased them like a wildman, but stop for a moment and look at the details of the case:

1) She shacked up with HIM.

2) She obviously consented to the photo shoot

3) She and her boyfriend STOLE his equipment (which probably wasn’t cheap)

4) He chased them (because they stole his stuff) and tried to run her down

Alright America, it’s voting time…  I want to know what you think.  Me, personally, I’m siding with grandpa; the twat and her escape plan, stole his shit and he went to get it back. 

What do you think?

Source for story:     http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/137632198.html