If You’re Going To Rob a Store, Don’t Put On Your Disguise In The Parkinglot Where People Can See You

Posted on January 23, 2012


Georgia (David Ibata-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) – Lesson to would-be bandits: If you’ve gotten together a disguise to stick up a jewelry store, don’t put it on in the parking lot where everyone can see youAnother case of the “I’m smart and everyone else is stupid” syndrome.

Denikko Becton, 20, of College Park was charged with armed robbery, possession of tools for an armed robbery and theft by taking after police said he disguised himself in an attempt rob a Douglasville jewelry store. - Channel 2 Action News

A 20-year-old man who bought his get-up at Party City so that he could allegedly pull off the heist of Empire Jewelers in Douglasville was arrested Wednesday after a witness spotted him putting on fake dreadlocks, gloves, glasses and a hat outside the store, Channel 2 Action News reported.  Secret Agent material over here, ladies and gentlemen!

Denikko Becton, of College Park, also was armed with a pellet gun he had picked up an a local Walmart a few hours before the robbery attempt at the store, on the 6900 block of Douglas Boulevard, police said.  This stupidass was going to rob a jewelry store with a BB gun he bought at Walmart?  This guys going on the Walmartian website.

“Everything was purchased in Douglasville,” Police Chief Chris Womack told Channel 2. 

The suspect also allegedly had stolen a car tag that day.  What kind of world-class, master of disguise, would go there with his own tags?  Smart thinking, Double-O-Dumbass!

Authorities credited an alert employee of a Moe’s Southwest Grill near the jewelry store with seeing a man adjusting his disguise outside and calling police.  I have a feeling that this guy, in that get-up, would be pretty hard to miss.  All he was missing was a big sign…  Wait, they did say dreadlocks and sunglasses from a party store, right?

Officers intercepted Becton in the store and took him into custody, police said. He was charged with armed robbery, possession of tools for an armed robbery and theft by taking.  All those charges over a BB gun and some party store crap… but I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, huh?

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It was definitely bizarre,” said Glenn Easterwood, co-owner of Empire Jewelry. “We are very thankful someone saw what was happening. It could have saved many people’s lives –- there was no telling.”  Fake dreadlocks and bb guns are perfectly safe when kept apart, but putting them together under the wrong circumstances, and you sir, have a recipe for stupidity!  It’s a shame they didn’t have any photos available of him in his disguise, I’m sure we could have all laughed long and hard at that one.

Source for story:     http://www.ajc.com/news/douglasville-robbery-suspect-spotted-1313971.html

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