After 350 Partners, Man Sentenced to 32 Years For Failing to Inform Women, He Was HIV Positive

Posted on January 25, 2012


Ohio (Kimball – Andre Davis insisted Monday he genuinely cares about people, including his numerous sex partnersHey, that’s the line I always used…  Yeah baby, I care.  They fall for it every time!

“I am a loving and compassionate man,” Davis said Friday. “I am not a monster.”  See?  How bad could this guy possibly be?

But Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Amy Tranter convinced a judge that Davis was a narcissistic sex addict who cared only about himself, traveling around the country as a professional wrestler while having sex with up to 350 women not to mention he forgot to tell the broads he was screwing that he was HIV positive.

“He’s a manipulative man and a liar,” Tranter said.  I thought that was called a “player”.  “All we’ve heard today is ‘poor me.’ What about the poor 11 victims?”  I’ve known lots of guys like this.  Nothing is EVER their fault, and it’s ALWAYS “poor me”.

Her argument helped Common Pleas Court Judge Jerome Metz, Jr., determine that Davis deserved 32 years in prison for not telling 11 of the women he had sex with that he was HIV-positiveYeah, that’s kind of information that people need to know.  It’s just like when you hook up with a girl who forgets to tell you that she not only has a boyfriend, but he’s an ex-con MMA fighter and he’s been off of his meds for a week or so.  Details, cowboy… details.

Monday, January 23, 2012: Davis Court: Andre Davis is escorted from Judge Jerome Metz Jr.'s courtroom after he received 32 years for felonious assault against 11 women, Monday, January 23. Davis is HIV positive. His lawyer is Greg Cohen. The assistant prosecutor in this case is Amy Tranter. One victim spoke out against Davis and said after the sentencing she was happy with the outcome. The Enquirer/ Liz Dufour

In November, a jury convicted Davis of 14 of the 15 felonious assault charges against him. Ohio law requires those who are positive for the virus that can cause AIDS to inform sex partners of their status. In many cases, Davis didn’t inform his partners. In some, they asked and he liedWhy didn’t they tattoo that on his forehead?  Wouldn’t that save people time and money?

Before he was sentenced, Davis read to the judge a letter of several pages that detailed how all he ever wanted to do was become a professional wrestler and the excitement he felt when he believed he was going to be hired as a referee for the biggest professional wrestling circuitWell now THERE’S a life goal; become a HIV positive PRO Wrestler!  His shining life moment was when he “believed” he was going to be hired as a REFEREE????   THAT was his pick up line?  GOD, you broads are dumb… 

But a 2009 physical exam for that job showed Davis, the father of five, was HIV-positive.  Well there’s one thing he was good at; making kids and then leaving them to travel the country, with a bullshit pickup line used to pick up dummies…  Hey I have a question, with him locked up, who’s paying to feed and clothe those kids? 

Trick question; WE ARE!

Davis, 29, of Hyde Park, spent several minutes at Friday’s sentencing telling the judge he’d been held up to ridicule due to the ignorance of the public about the human immunodeficiency virus.  Oh I see… he was DISCRIMINATED against…  Stand by for the “I’m the victim” excuse.

“I was so scared to tell anyone (I was infected),” Davis said. “… because of how judgmental and how uneducated society is about this particular virus.  Oh, that’s right; it’s everyone else… Not you, the shitbag with the disease leaking, pee pee; it’s how you’re “misunderstood”.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t say such a thing, but this fucker is a danger to humanity, every minute he has a pecker.

“I have been discriminated against big time.”  I wonder if dogshit on the sidewalk, uses that same argument, when I decide to step around it, as I walk by.

Davis also spoke about how he never intended to hurt anyone. Then he blamed the victims — something his attorney did during the trial — and the media.  He blamed the victims????  Wait, of course he did.  Guys like that are NEVER wrong.  Hell, prison is FULL of innocent people!

Tranter was particularly bothered Davis continued to blame his victims at Monday’s sentencing. 

“That offends me as a prosecutor. That offends me as a woman,” Tranter said.

It also upset the only Davis victim who chose to speak to the judge, seeking a severe prison sentenceNow they want payback!  You’re screwed, homey.

“The day I found out you was HIV-positive was the scariest day of my life,” she said. “I watched you sit through this entire trial with a smile on your face.”  Bet you wished you aimed higher and made him wear a rubber, huh sweety?  Hope you didn’t show your face on camera…  OH WAIT, YOU DID!!!!!  Good luck getting married after this one.  Little piece of advice, babygirl, next time, aim HIGHER than a pro-wrestling rodeo clown! 

“You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”

Thus far, Tranter said, none of Davis’ victims have tested positive for HIV but some still are in the time period where they could beThat’s right, it takes a few years before there’s enough antibodies built up, to even be detected!  How about that?  Let’s put that into perspective; if you point a gun at somebody and pull the trigger, does it matter if it’s loaded or not? 

The maximum sentence Davis faced was 112 years.  Couldn’t you just toss him to an alligator or something?  Hey, I’m just saying; why punish the tax-payer?  Put it on Pay-Per-View, and charge for people to watch on a Saturday night or something…  HEY!  I found another way to fix the budget!

Davis, who also wrestled under the names “Sweet Sexy Sensation,” “Andre Hart” and “Andre Heart,” also faces similar charges in Butler and Warren countiesSweet sexy WHAAAAT?!??!??!?!?!?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  This is what a guy who tours around to get man-handled, calls himself?  Have fun in the joint, Mr. Sweet Sexy Sensation!

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