Another Home Invasion, Another Dead Bad Guy

Posted on January 26, 2012


Oklahoma (Bryan Dean and Robert Medle-NEWSOK) – A resident alerted to a break-in by his growling dog shot an armed burglar dead as the intruder kicked in the front door Thursday morning, police said.  GOOD DOG!  Somebody get that pooch a beer and a cheeseburger, he earned it!

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Thursday’s shooting marks the third time in 15 months someone was killed by a resident while trying to break into a Midwest City homeSee why I tell you guys that it might be a good idea to have a firearm?  Criminals LOVE it when their victims are UNARMED.

Nothing makes a burglar say "OH SHIT," like a little dancing red dot

“Maybe next time, these violent offenders will think twice about committing first-degree burglaries in Midwest City,” Clabes said.  Chief Clabes, I wish that were the case.  Unfortunately, we have no shortage of scumbags and dummies.  I don’t think these guys are going away anytime soon…

The resident at a duplex at 301 N Kendra Drive said he heard his dog growl then heard two hard kicks on his front door about 7:45 a.m.  Well there’s only one thing in the world THAT sound could be…

He grabbed a gun from his bedroom and confronted a man who broke in. The intruder was also armed with a handgun, Clabes said.  See?  The CRIMINALS are armed.  If the resident wasn’t armed, he’d be DEAD!

Not a photo from the crime scene

The resident opened fire and hit the intruder once in the chest.  Once…  That’s control, alright.  Me, I would have emptied the entire magazine, into him.  But that’s me. The intruder, Reginald Keith Joseph Jr., 27, was taken to Midwest Regional Medical Center, where he died, Clabes said. 

The name of the resident who shot the intruder has not been released. Clabes said the man is afraid of retribution from those who might have known JosephHow far have we slipped as a society, when a man who kills his attacker, fears retribution?  Stand up to this America, otherwise, the scumbags win!

Clabes said it appears the shooting was justifiableYeah, MAYBE.

“Based on the facts that we know, the suspect did actually kick the front door in as he entered the residence,” Clabes said. “The suspect was also armed with a handgun.”  A HANDGUN isn’t typically a burglary tool, it’s a KILLING tool.  Think about that for a moment, ladies and gentlemen.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater will determine whether the shooting was justified after police have finished their investigation.  Oh fucking red tape…  See what happens when you keep voting for a nanny state, bureaucracy?  No-brainers and common sense goes right out the door.

Dan Stephens said his sister-in-law is engaged to the shooter and lives at the duplex. Well so much for keeping the resident anonymous.  Anyone who knows how to navigate Facebook, can find out who the shooter was.  Great work, Newsok!  Stephens said the woman was not home during the shooting. He said they had never seen the man, and the break-in was randomHow about that?  They think that this whole thing was random.  Some random asshole with a gun, just kicked in this guy’s door.

Reginald Keith Joseph Jr. - dead shitbag who is no longer sharing our air

Stephens said his sister-in-law does not want her name released because she fears retaliation from those who might know the intruderSo buy a gun!  Take a class, get your permit.  There is NO REASON law-abiding Americans should live in fear.

“She doesn’t want nobody else, I’m sure, to come, you know, and try to retaliate,” Stephens said. “They’re pretty shook up. He just took somebody’s life.”  Shook up?  He should wear that like a badge of honor!

Clabes said Joseph had previous arrests, including one in Edmond in 2010 for possession of a firearm after previous conviction.  Gee, look at that.  A repeat offender.  Didn’t see THAT coming!

Effect of law

In the two most recent “make my day” cases MAKE MY DAY, that’s an awesome name!   in Midwest City prior to Thursday, prosecutors ruled the shootings by the residents were justifiedUm, YEAH!

Two 15-year-old stepbrothers were shot in October 2010 by Midwest City resident Amanda Walworth, who found them in her living room. One of the teens, Marquis Lee Patterson, was killed. The other, Dewayne Edward Kemp, survived. Kemp and another man accused of being involved in the burglary are currently on trial, accused of murder, in the case.  Good!  That’s what happens when someone violates your home, e.g. your BORDERS!

In April, 2011, a dispute between two men ended when one tried to force his way into the other’s home and was shot to death. Mark Wilkinson, 32, of Norman, was reportedly angry at Raymond Stauffer, 38, because of comments he made about Wilkinson’s wife possibly being involved in drugsStill think you’re a tough guy?  Dumbass…

Wilkinson tried to force his way into Stauffer’s Midwest City home and was shot to death.

“The Oklahoma ‘make my day’ law is doing what it was exactly designed to do — allow our law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves from immediate danger while in the security of their home,” Clabes said.

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