You Won’t See THIS On “Storage Wars.” Grandma Discovered In Storage Locker After 17 Years

Posted on January 27, 2012


Florida (Jared Leone-Clearwater Patch) – The bluish coffin-like container sat there since 1995.

Photo: Jared Leone

Inside it a family kept the embalmed body of their grandmotherGrandma, NO!!!!

It all was found in a storage locker at the U-Stor storage facility on Lakeview Road Thursday afternoon.

The family was behind on rent for the unit that they have owned since 1985, so facility managers called to let them know it would be put up for auction, according to investigators.  Hey isn’t that a show?  Storage Wars or something…

That’s when the granddaughter let them know “they can’t sell my stuff at auction my grandmother is in there,” said Joelle Castelli, police spokeswoman.  I can just imagine the look on the lady’s face after hearing that.  I’m sure these people have heard all sorts of excuses over the years, but nothing quite like this!

The skeletal remains were embalmed and taken care of, the body just was not properly disposed of, which is a crime, Castelli said. However, officials are not sure if they will charge anyone since the woman who put her mother in the storage unit is also deadWas she also placed in a storage unit?  It might be a family tradition, you never know!

The granddaughter said her mother, on her deathbed, told her that her grandmother was kept in the unit, which is not climate controlled.  Oh YUCK!  Bet that had to smell yummy…  I like that, “told her on her deathbed.”  Most people hear where the stash of cash or the deed to the house is; this time around she found another kind of family secret.

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The family also owned two other units at the storage facility which investigators are still searching.  Yeah, you might want to poke around and see if mom’s in there, somewhere.

The body will be taken to A Life Tribute, Castelli said.

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