They’re Going to Occupy The SUPER BOWL, Now?

Posted on January 30, 2012


Apparently, stupidity is not in short supply, with these people.

Indiana (Betsy Reason-Indystar) – The message from yesterday’s rally against Indiana’s Right to Work bill was clear: Its opponents still want to be heard.  Oh look, something else has these guys panties in a bunch…

Anti-Right to Work legislation, Occupy protesters – Photo Matt Detrich

“We’re going to occupy Super Bowl Village today,” said rally co-organizer Bill Mullen, a professor at Purdue University.  Because everywhere’s else has grown tired of how charming you guys all are, and kicked you out, you’re going to try your luck at a temporary venue?  Good plan! 

We’re going to occupy the Statehouse next week. And we’re prepared to occupy the Super Bowl a week from tomorrow. Translation:  We’re going to this place to take up space, and then we’re going to another place, and intend to take up space there as well.  When we have finished taking up space at those other two places, we are going to show you all that we mean business by going to yet a third place, and take up space there also!  This campaign is not going to stop. These people’s voices are not going to relent. We are fearless and we are very strong.”  Yes, yes, you are determined to make it known that you intend to make noise, we got it.

The rally to “kill the bill” — passed by the House and expected to go to the Indiana Senate for a vote on Wednesday — brought out about 100 protesters at noon today on the steps of the Statehouse100 you say?  Boy that is quite a showing for a weekend!  What’s wrong, no one had money on the Pro-Bowl game?

About a dozen labor unions from Indianapolis to Lafayette, Terre Haute and the Hammond area held up signs and chanted to voice their displeasure with the legislature on the steps of the Statehouse.  Ok, let’s see…  If my elementary school math skills still serve me well; that means that each union had at least 8 members, in attendance.  Now, were there really “a dozen” labor unions there, or was that description used to inflate the image of a lot of people, being present?

Under the bill, companies and unions could no longer negotiate a contract that requires nonmembers to pay fees for union representation. You mean the unions were shaking down non-union employees?  Unions see it as an attack that will lead to lower wages and allow “freeloaders” who get union benefits without paying for them.  Oh, give me a break..

Alright, time out.

They’re calling the bill an attack?  Preventing them from shaking down non-members, for their hard-earned wages, is an “attack” on them?  Are they serious?

It will “lead to lower wages” and “allow ‘freeloaders’ who get union benefits without paying for them?”  Question; what benefits do non-union members get from unions, now?  Funny, I was under the impression that the benefits given to an EMPLOYEE, were provided by the EMPLOYER.  

Oh, wait, I see… the unions are under the impression that since they get a certain something from a company, no one else should get it, who also works for that company, who doesn’t belong to their “club.”  If you work for the same company as they do, perform the same tasks, work the same hours, and get the same goodies from that company, but aren’t a member of their little group, you’re a “freeloader.”

Does anyone else think that is incredibly, childish?  These ARE adults we’re talking about here, right?

Supporters say it will encourage businesses to locate in Indiana and allow workers to choose whether to financially back a union.  Hey, there’s a thought, huh?  Businesses coming to your state, providing goods and services, growing and hiring people in order to get the work done.  Fuck me, I think that could WORK!

Besides, what are the unions worried about?  I mean, if they’re such a great thing, then people will WANT to join, right?  I wonder why it is, that people aren’t joining?

The speakers included Ann Wilkins with the Indianapolis Teachers Association, April Burke with Occupy Purdue, State Sen. Jean D. Breaux of Indianapolis and Jolivette Anderson, with the Purdue Black Cultural Center.  Teachers, unions, occupiers, and a minority organizer…  Hmmmm….  That almost sounds like the opener to a joke, doesn’t it?

“We want to make it impossible for the Republicans of the state to pass this bill without knowing that there’s going to be dire consequences,” Mullen said.  Ah!  Here we go; the Republicans of the state… Well that’s no surprise.  Everywhere you go, when the unions get smacked down, they throw tantrums.  Just take a look at what’s going on up in Wisconsin, right now.  Their Governor put the public sector unions in their place, so now they want to recall him. “That may mean voting them out of office. It may mean disrupting events during Super Bowl week.”  Morons?  Weren’t these guys elected into office to begin with?  I’m sure they campaigned and said they were going to do just this, and they were voted in by the citizens of your state.  Now that they’ve kept their word, WHY would they be voted out? 

Fans fighting at Bengals game, 8/2011

Oh, and disrupting the Super Bowl might not be the smartest idea.  I don’t know if you idiots have been paying attention to current events, but American sports fans are starting to get violent.  A stadium holds alot of fans, and you’d have to figure that 50% of them, are going to be PISSED that their team lost. 

I know you guys said you’re fearless, but there’s no reason you have to be stupid about this.  Seriously guys, I may not agree with what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean I want to see anyone get hurt, either.  Don’t do it…  no good will come from it.

Besides, America has lost it’s patience with you.  You won’t score any points with the public, e.g. the REAL 99% (not to be mistaken for you guys, the .001% of the 99%) by screwing with the Super Bowl.

Fans brawl at 49er’s and Raiders game 8/2011

“This showcase of the Super Bowl can also be turned into a showcase for organized labor. These next eight days are going to be a relentless campaign by working people in the state of Indiana to turn the Super Bowl into a campaign for justice and jobs,” he said.  You’re assuming that everyone else sees things, your way. 

“We realize at this point where it’s at in legislation, we probably will not stop this,” said Jim Ogden, a union electrician of 37 years from Local 668 in Lafayette. “At this point, I think we’re looking at this as a kickoff for the elections come November. And trying to do whatever we can to get the Republicans that had voted for this, to get them out office.”  And if they aren’t voted out of office?  Which other American past time are you guys going to screw with?  Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Do what you have to do, I guess. 

Any of my readers going to the Super Bowl?  If someone happens to obtain video of rowdy fans kicking the crap out of some occupiers, and would like to send it to me so we can ridicule them mercilessly, I will most certainly post it. -tglp 

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