Activists Demand “Climate Change” Mentioned on Weather Reports

Posted on February 1, 2012


Can you say “Propaganda”?

Texas (Eric Berger-The Chron) – The fight for hearts and minds when it comes to climate change has moved to a new battleground: your television set.

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Climate change activists have launched a campaign, dubbed Forecast the Facts, which sounds awfully Orwellian, that outs television meteorologists who are “deniers” of mainstream climate change scienceWait, they’re threatening to “out” them?  That has got to be the most pathetic attempt at extortion, I have ever heard of.  Personally, I’m more interested in a weather forecaster who is about the facts, rather than one who subscribes to an ideology.  God I miss Amy Freeze…

Led by several groups, including, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Citizen Engagement Lab, the campaign was spurred by recent surveys finding that half or more of TV forecasters hold contrarian climate change viewsYes America, you read that correctly.  Even THE WEATHER FORECASTERS don’t buy the climate change bullshit!

“TV meteorologists have as much, if not more, opportunity to talk to the American public about climate change than anyone,” said Daniel Souweine, director of the Forecast the Facts drive.  Oh, so in other words, either they act as your useful idiots, or else?

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“Ultimately, our goal is to change how the entire profession of meteorology reports on climate change,” Souweine said.  And there you go, America.  No one is buying the climate change bullshit, so now they have to kick it up a notch.

Specifically, he suggested, when a region is in the midst of a drought or heat wave, it is important to discuss the role climate change plays in amplifying such an eventHey you idiots are aware that our weather records only go back about 180 years or so, right?  How the hell do you determine what is amplified or not? 

Turning up the volume

None of Houston’s television forecasters made the campaign’s list of “deniers,” but it has nevertheless turned up the volume on the issue of climate change and tele­vision meteorologyDon’t give in to it guys, it’s bullshit, and you know it!

I have no idea what her name is

Local forecaster Gene Norman of KHOU (Channel 11) said he doesn’t welcome being dragged into what he calls the politicization of climate scienceToo late, guy.  With all of the money that President Obama is dumping into his Green Energy bullshit, he has to justify it somehow.  If people finally figure out that climate change is bullshit, he’s the asshole stuck holding the bag!

“I’m concerned about this ‘Forecast The Facts’ campaign and the underlying assumption that TV meteorologists are somehow misleading the public and are espousing some kind of scientific heresy,” Norman said.  Now see, if people attacked the bullshit, that the well paid climatologist scientists are selling, they’d call it a “witch hunt,” if they do it to those who disagree with them, then it’s spreading the facts.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The campaign was spurred in part by a pair of surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011 by George Mason University.

Polarizing views

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The first survey found that 63 percent of tele­vision forecasters attributed global warming to natural causes, while just 31 percent believed it was mostly brought about by human activity. More than one-quarter of respondents called global warming a “scam.”  See what happens when you take those surveys?  They use the info against you.

A survey of television weather­casters last summer found that 19 percent attributed climate change to mostly human causes, 29 percent to mostly natural causes, and 34 percent to some of both. The remainder declared themselves either unconvinced or undecided.  Which means more forecasters know that you clowns are up to something… and guess what?  They were right!

These views are in stark contrast to those of atmospheric scientists who study climate change, a clear majority of whom attribute the bulk of the warming over the last century to human activityGee that’s funny, what about the climatologists who disagreed with the climate change bullshit all together?  Funny how you didn’t mention them. 

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OH THAT’S RIGHT, you guys destroyed their careers, and demonized anyone who disagreed with you.  That was one of the things mentioned in those hacked emails from the Institute for Climate Research in the UK, a few years back, remember?


Some progressive groups have hailed the activists’ campaign.  I bet they’re all taking anti-depressants, as well.

The Liberal blog Think Progress declared, “These climate denier meteorologists are betraying the public’s trust and distorting America’s airwaves with ideo- logical science denial.”  That’s interesting; that’s exactly what I thought YOU GUYS were doing.  You know, the whole “betraying the public’s trust,” and “distorting America’s airwaves.”  I think we need MORE scientists who are “ideo-logical science deniers.”  Ideology is NOT science, it’s not even close.

Nevertheless, the effort to ostracize “denier” television meteorologists has come under fireGood, call this movement what it is, extortion.

Amy Freeze

Jason Samenow, chief meteorologist of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang blog and not a climate change skeptic, said the confrontational rather than educational approach is a misguided one. He also contends it won’t achieve the group’s aim of changing television meteorologists’ opinions about climate change scienceNo, no it won’t.  But it will definitely make the rest of the rational thinking world, wake up and question you guys.  Maybe that would be a GOOD THING.

“This confrontational approach is the wrong approach and promises to only further divide TV weathercasters whose views on the issue of climate change are already polarized,” Samenow wrote on his blog.  Lead a horse to water… 

Short-term focus

While meteorologists and climate scientists both study the atmosphere, meteorologists are focused on short-term forecasts of three to five to at most 10 daysThat may be their daily focus, but there’s always this funny little excerpt that most do on their report, you know, the record highs and lows, the years, and such.  Remember those?  Hey, you guys know that meteorologist often times research the farmer’s almanac (actual history) when comprising their forecasts, along with their weather models that their computers spit out, right?

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Climate scientists do not study weather, but rather long-term averages over larger areas.  The weather based on only 180 or so years, of a planet that is somewhere between 4.1 and 4.2 BILLION YEARS old.  You guys found someone to give you guys degrees and jobs for that bullshit?  Kudos to you guys!  You guys can certainly bullshit.

For this reason, Tim Heller at KTRK (Channel 13) said it’s not really the place of television meteorologists to communicate climate change informationNor is it their place to spew politicized bullshit, “weather” they agree with it or not. LOL! *sigh*

“You wouldn’t ask your dentist about your gallbladder and you shouldn’t ask your local TV weatherman about climate change,” Heller said.  Good save, I like that angle.

“Operational meteorologists and forecasters are not climatologists. The background education is somewhat similar, but our area of expertise is different,” he said. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some TV weather forecasters from spouting off on the subject.” 

Weather moves in cycles people, don’t jump the gun, every time something out of the ordinary happens.  Go back in history to when General George Washington crossed the Delaware River, during the American Revolution.  That was in December, right?  That night, the river was a torrent, and they were hit with snow, sleet, and rain. 

The next day, much of it melted, turning the soil to mud, which caused the colonial artillery to become stuck in the mud.  The cannons on wheels became stuck and they lost many horses and mules, trying to recover them, on their way to Trenton.  To add insult to injury, many of the colonial militia made the trek through mud and melting snow, BAREFOOT.  How’s THAT for patriotism?

Go a few years later, into the later years of President John Adams’s life.  His wife Abigail was laid to rest in early November, but it was so hot that day, he collapsed several times, on his way to the cemetery.  That was long before we became industrialized, so I’m curious as to how those two anomalies, were attributed to man.

Just something to think about.

p.s. yes I’m aware I plastered hot weather girls all over this post.  I like hot weather girls, I’m only human.

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