Naked Man Steals Fire Truck, Kills Pedestrian

Posted on February 26, 2012


South Carolina (Scott Baker-The Blaze) – Authorities say a man who was naked stole a fire truck at an apartment complex in South Carolina and sped away, killing a pedestrian who was walking on a sidewalk.

Police say the driver was pulled from the fire truck after it crashed into trees and he began fighting with police and paramedics. A Beaufort police supervisor was not immediately available Saturday to confirm the driver’s identity.

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The man jumped behind the wheel of the fire truck after firefighters with the Beaufort-Port Royal Fire Department responded to an apartment complex.

The Beaufort County coroner’s office says 28-year-old Justin Miller of Port Royal was killed by the careening fire truck. The fire truck also hit several cars.

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I hope they kicked the shit out of this guy when they got him back to the station.  What kind of moron does something like this?  Still think it’s funny, asshole?  You KILLED someone!

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