Readers Choice: Homeowner Kills Intruder, Public Once Again Blaming Shooter and Claiming Racism.

Posted on March 28, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Credit to Gaslamp Post reader, Kirby, for this story.  Well it’s happened again, folks; a responsible gun owner lawfully defends himself with his gun and the public comes out condemning him.  This time the offender was inside of the guy’s home.

A Slinger homeowner had heard what he described as a “banging” sound coming from somewhere on his home’s exterior, in the very early hours of March, 3, 2012.  Fearing that it was someone seeking retribution for him calling the police about a loud party next door, he grabbed his handgun from his closet and went to investigate.  The homeowner, Mr. Adam Kind, 35, said he fired on the intruder only after he saw the person quickly stand up and raise his arm and hand in the darkness.

Kind’s wife and children were also inside the home behind him, just feet away.

Bo Morrison, 20, shot and killed by homeowner after breaking and entering into someone's home on March 3, 2012

The intruder, 20-year-old, Bo Morrison, was shot and killed inside of Kind’s home.  As expected, some are decrying this incident and even calling into question as to whether or not race played a factor in the shooting.

The events that led up to the shooting began earlier that morning, when Kind and his wife were awoken by loud music and talking coming from a late night party next door at around 1:00 am.  Mr. Kind went to his next door neighbor’s home and asked the occupants of the car in the driveway, to turn their music down.  After a confrontation ensued between the occupants of the car and Kind, he returned home and called police.

Police arrived on the scene and reported smelling marijuana and wood smoke.  Officers also reported observing the lights inside of the home go out upon their arrival.  After the inside occupants of both the home and garage would not answer the doors for police, they called one of the homeowner’s, Mrs. Juliet Hess, who was at work.  She stated her husband was home but must have been asleep, and gave police permission to enter the home.  After an unseccessful attempt to enter the garage through a side door, which police believe was barred from the inside, they decided to stand down, as to not escalate the situation any further.  Police positioned their patrol vehicles outside in front, and behind the home, and continue to observe.

Slinger officers called Kind and Mrs. Hess to update them on the situation.  Mrs. Hess was finally successful in reaching her husband, who rose from bed and kicked in his garage door.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he ordered everyone out of his garage.  The party, which was hosted by Hess’s daughters, and whose attendants ranged in ages between 15 and 23, immediately fled the garage, running out in several directions.

From their bed, Mr. and Mrs. Kind then heard banging on their house, and Mr. Kind immediately went to respond.  He grabbed his lawfully owned firearm and headed out into the darkness, as his wife called police.  After verifying that his front door was still locked and secure, he went to the rear of his home to check the back door.  As he entered his 3-season-room, he saw a figure in the darkness rise up and raise an arm.  Kind immediately fired on the figure, who was hit through the heart and lung.  He died immediately.

Kind told police that he had locked the door to his 3 season room after reentering his home after the first confrontation and feared that the intruder was someone from the party, who was seeking payback for the party getting broken up.  Kind was not charged because of a new law in Wisconsin called the “Castle Doctrine”, which allows residents to protect themselves and their property by using lethal force on intruders.

Police described the demeanor of those detained as insensitive, as they complained for being cut off from cigarettes and beer, and even joked about Morrison being shot and killed.  One of the detained joked about searching Kind’s attic for intruders.

Morrison was reported to be a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College, who was studying Carpentry and was employed at a local Menards Hardware Store.  The 20-year-old, Morrison, was also discovered to be out on bail for as many as FOUR pending court cases.  He was ordered by a judge not to consume alcohol, as a condition of his bail.  The young man’s blood alcohol content was found to be 0.19%, over twice the legal limit.

Parents of Bo Morrison speak at candle light vigil after their son was shot while inside someone's home in the middle of the night. The shooting ruled that the homeowner was acting in self defense.

Clarissa Bartlet, a spokesman for the Morrison family said that, “It raises more questions, honestly… There’s really only two people who know what happened. Whatever (Kind) says could be completely fabricated. No one knows.”

A protest was planned in Washington County, this past Sunday, calling for an end to and repeal of the Castle Doctrine law.  Apparently some feel that this law contributes to the senseless and unnecessary killing of innocent intruders, by those homeowners who may have “questionable” motives, when it comes to defending themselves and their families.

(h/t:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)