Three Men Arrested After Being Found With Cow In Back Seat

Posted on April 2, 2012


Honestly Officer, the cow was there when we got in! 

New Mexico (The Gaslamp Post) – Three men were arrested this past Friday morning, after the officer who pulled them over for speeding noticed something in the back seat that ordinarily wouldn’t have been there.  Drugs?  Guns?  Empty beer bottles?  Nope, try a 220 pound COW (and we’re not talking the kind you can wrastle home at last-call either!).  A deputy with the Luna County Sheriff’s Office had spotted the men’s car, a Honda Civic, traveling at a high rate of speed, around 3:00 am that morning, and immediately went to intercept.

As the officer approached the vehicle from behind, he noticed the young bovine sharing the back seat with one of the men in the car.  One can only imagine what was going through that cop’s head at that moment in time.  The officer arrested the three men; 26-year-old, Jose Coronado, 20-year-old, Gerardo Gonzalez-Balderas, and 23-year-old, Salvador Balderas-Gonzales, after they were unable to produce a bill of sale for the animal.

The men who all are employed at a ranch in Sierra County, told the officer that they were given permission to take the animal, but later admitted to stealing it.

The men face felony charges of larceny of livestock and conspiracy, as well as charges relating to the exportation of livestock and lack of a bill of sale for the animal.  They are currently being held in the Luna County Detention Center.  No word yet as to whether or not they will be given bond.

(h/t:  Current-Argus)

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