Woman At Airport Strips Naked When Caught With Cigarette

Posted on April 10, 2012


Update 4/17/2012 – Houston, we have video!  Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Eric, for the link to the video.

Colorado (The Gaslamp Post) – Well here’s ONE woman that’s going through security with ease.  Officials at Denver International Airport said that a woman that they had caught smoking did something completely unexpected.  According to Jenny Schiavone, a spokesman for the airport, an unidentified woman had been spotted in concourse B this morning around 8:45, a non-smoking location, smoking a cigarette.

She said that once they had instructed the woman to extinguish her cigarette, she immediately disrobed at gate B81.  Denver police, unsure of why the woman did that, believe that it was for reasons unrelated to the cigarette.

The woman, whose name has not been released, is not believed to be facing any charges, but was transported to the hospital.

(h/t:  KDVR-TV Denver, Drudge)