Mob Attacks and Hospitalizes White Victim, Police Won’t Comment on Attackers.

Posted on April 14, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – An open records request by a Milwaukee television station has now made public, a mob-style attack on a man, which happened late on St. Patrick’s Day.  Details of the attack remain sketchy, and are only being released a little at a time.  The victim of the brutality is white, but police refuse to comment anything more about the attackers, other than they were teens.

According to WTMJ-4 news, Milwaukee, a 35-year-old man was riding his bike home late on St. Patrick’s Day, when he says that he was assaulted by a mob of teens.  He stated that they yelled at him, crossed the street towards him, gave chase until finally surrounding him, knocked him off of his bike, and beat him violently.  The mob reportedly took both his bike and his cell phone.

The man, who wished to remain unidentified out of fear of his life because no arrests have been made, showed WTMJ-4 a large scar on his forehead from the attack.  He was left hospitalized.

“They had me pinned down on the ground,” the man said.  “I’m not sure what they hit me in the head with.”  He suffered a dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs, a significant head injury, twisted knee, and a sprained ankle, in the attack.

Milwaukee was host to several “flash mob” incidents last summer, consisting of groups of black individuals who attacked white citizens.  One such attack occurred at the Wisconsin State Fair.

The incident remains under investigation and anyone with information about the attack is urged to call (414)935-7273

(h/t:  WTMJ-TV)