Another Air Passenger Strips Naked At An Airport

Posted on April 20, 2012


John Brennan - Patriot. Photo Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

Oregon (The Gaslamp Post) – A Portland man who had about enough of the TSA screening procedures, decided to make their jobs easier last Tuesday night.  John E. Brennan, 49, had gone through a security checkpoint and was pulled aside after a swab test that was performed on him, tested positive for “nitrates,” a chemical consistent with explosives (but also matches, fertilizer, gun cleaning solvent, and pretty much anything that involves a nitrogen and oxygen containing molecule).

According to the Oregonian, Brennan had decided to take a stand to his detention by completely disrobing right there at the security checkpoint.  As one could imaging, it immediately caught the attention of his fellow passengers.  As other fliers immediately covered their eyes and those of children, some jumped to get a peek, and others had even began taking cell phone pictures and video.  Brennan was ordered to put his clothes back on, but reportedly refused.  The TSA was forced to shut down 3 security check lanes.

“Mr. Brennan’s actions caused two screening lanes to be closed and while some passengers covered their eyes and their children’s eyes and moved away from the screening area, others stepped out of the screening lanes to look, laugh and take photos,” the report said.

Brennan was scheduled to fly to San Jose but missed his flight after he was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail.  Police said that Brennan was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  He reportedly staged his protest because he was tired of being harrassed.

(h/t:  The Oregonian)

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