Here We Go; Black Teens Attack Innocent White Victim Over Trayvon Martin

Posted on April 22, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – The 19-year-old victim was targeted for walking while white, moments before he was ambushed from behind, and robbed.  Police say Alton Hayes III, 18, of Maywood, along with a 15-year-old accomplice, ran up on a white male and attacked him because, according to Hayes, he was upset about Trayvon Martin.

According to police, Hayes and his accomplice (who is also black) approached the victim from behind and then held his arms at his sides.  Hayes is then reported to have picked up a tree branch, and threatened the victim while the other assailant held him.  Hayes is reported to have said to the victim, “Empty your pockets, white boy,” as he threatened to beat the man.

After the two had picked the victims pockets, he was body slammed to the ground, and then punched and kicked repeatedly, about the back and head.  The two then fled the scene on foot.

Once caught, Hayes is said to have admitted to targeting the victim because he was white.  Hayes is being held on $80,000 bond, and has been charged with attempted robbery, aggravated battery, and a hate crime; all felonies.  The minor was refered to juvenile court.

Hayes is due to appear in court on May 11, 2012.

(h/t:  WFLD-TV)

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