Underage Illegal Alien Prostitute Peddling Her Wares Online Lands Everyone Around Her In A Heap Of Trouble

Posted on May 2, 2012


Texas (The Gaslamp Post) – Police have arrested 3 men in connection with a case that baffled everyone involved.  An illegal alien, 14-year-old girl, had been using social media websites, including Facebook, to advertise her services as a prostitute.  According to the Brownsville Herald, the girl had posted explicit images of herself on the websites and in cell phone text messages, in order to attract customers.

Her parents had absolutely no idea that it was going on, until the girl thought she had contracted an STD, and came clean to her mother.

Her mother called police.  This of course, is where it gets messy…

This case brought in local, state, and federal authorities, as police not only had to investigate who had been with the girl, but the obvious fact that she is an illegal alien.  ICE was notified April 12th.

“Even in this case, it was done over Facebook and texts and solicitation being done over the Internet or some form of technology,” said Pharr police Chief Ruben Villescas . “It’s not just tied down to one city’s jurisdiction … and that’s what makes this crime one of which we have to see what large scale it is, if not just with this 14-year-old, but other young girls and men who might be victim to this.”

Police had taken the girls phone and began conversing with unknown men who thought they were texting the girl, but were talking to a police officer.  On April 24th, police received a message from a man seeking the girl’s services.  The suspect at the other end was unconcerned when the officer said the girl was only 14, and seemed more interested in haggling a price.

Police arrested 40-year-old, Teofanes Salas Campos at a local gas station where he had arranged to meet the girl.  He told police that he had negotiated a price of $100 for the encounter, and had just rented a motel room for the occasion.

The same day another man had texted the girl, seeking a similar situation.  ICE observed 28-year-old, Jose Luis Garcia Saldivar, leaving a motel room that he had obtained for his prearranged encounter with who he thought was the girl.  He was arrested and admitted to police that he knew the girl was only 14.  He too negotiated the price of $100.

Another man actually requested the girl come to him.  Police say 42-year-old, Esteban Lucio, gave them his address.  They only had to get in the car and drive over.  He also confessed his intentions with the girl, and admitted negotiating the price of $80, the same as in his text message to police.

Campos and Saldivar are both charged with coercion and enticement of a minor.  They face prison terms of up to life.  They may also be charged with possession of child pornography because of the images they have on their phones that were texted to them from the girl.

Lucio is facing second-degree felony online solicitation of a minor.  He could receive up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.  He remains in jail, held on $25,000 bond.

ICE has declined to comment further on the girl or her family.

(h/t:  Brownsville Herald)