How Do You Win An Election? Send Your Opponent A Stripper And Then Film It. Wait… WHAT?!?!

Posted on May 4, 2012


New Mexico (The Gaslamp Post) – Yes America, someone actually tried to do this.  Officials charge that the City of Sunland Park’s new mayor-elect sent a stripper to the office of one of his rival candidates back in February, and then filmed it.  Mayor-elect Daniel Salinas, was barred by the state’s Supreme Court from taking office around April 3, 2012, and has been charged with extortion over the tape.  In addition to the charge, an official investigation conducted by state auditors has uncovered some other dirty dealings on the part of Salinas.  He is now facing as many as 33 new charges, 9 of which are felonies, in as many as 4 criminal cases. 

Former Mayor-Elect Daniel Salinas in court. Photo KRQE-TV

His rival, mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernandez claims that a topless stripper entered his office back in February, and began dancing provocatively in front of him, his assistant, and a job applicant.

Hernandez made the situation public when he was approached by an unknown individual a short time later, and told that unless he dropped out of the race, the “sex tape” would be released.  Salinas denied the allegations.  The city offices were raided by police after a review of some surveillance footage, but police have declined to comment.

State investigators uncovered the scheme after linking Salinas, a former city official; to a city lobbyist who billed the city for $4900.  It is alleged that he in turn gave $3000 of it to Salinas, which he used to pay a third individual to make the tape.

Investigators also uncovered what is being called a pyramid scheme run by Salinas.  It is also alleged that as Salinas was serving as a city official prior to being elected mayor, he set up deals with an El Paso businessman to illegally bill Sunland Park for entertainment expenses as well as a campaign video.  The city was reportedly billed between $10,000 and $20,000 dollars in that scam.

Additionally, Salinas allegedly hired a new police chief for the city in a deal that would have prevented his sister from running for city council against a friend of his.  He reportedly pleaded not guilty on May, 1, 2012.

A judge reduced Salinas’ bond from $250,000 to $100,000, and he has since been released on a condition that he not enter city hall.  A state commission has been appointed to continue to monitor the city.

(h/t:  KRQE-TV  – Uncle Gaslamp’s new favorite station)