WATCH THE BITCHSLAP! Sean Hannity OWN3S Occupy Organizer!

Posted on May 4, 2012


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – Talk about walking into the lion’s den unprepared…  Occupy Wallstreet organizer Harrison Shultz appeared on Fox News yesterday, and went head to head with Sean Hannity.

At least he tried.

In an exchange that looked more like an adult trying to obtain answers from a 15-year-old, Harrison tried to defeat facts with sarcasm and juvenile angst.  Harrison amazingly, or maybe not so much, is actually a 29-year-old, grad student, who is above real work (then again, so was Trotsky, Marx, and Lenin – in fact Marx let 2 of his children die of starvation related illnesses, because he wouldn’t work).  This was just sad…

He blames capitalism for the unemployment.  He lives on student loans, but has no idea where the money comes from.  He claims that people are debt slaves because of the loans that they voluntarily take out, but cannot pay back.  He said that the NYPD brought in criminals to Zuccati Park, and THAT is why there were rapes an murders.

There’s no other way to describe the exchange, you just have to watch this clown for yourself.  THIS is one of the guys “running” the show.  Can you say “useful idiot”?

Watch the exchange below…

See what happens when you don’t beat your kids and everyone gets a trophy?

(h/t:  The Blaze)

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