Feel Good Story Of The Day: Abandoned Teen On Her Own Working As A Janitor, Now Accepted To Harvard

Posted on May 6, 2012


North Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – “They would say you are pretty, pretty ugly.  It actually got so bad at a point in middle school, I would go home everyday and just cry,” said Dawn Loggins, as she recounted her experiences of growing up in a troubled household.  She was abandoned as a teen by her parents, had been homeless, and was labeled a high school dropout.

Young Miss Loggins, is a Senior in highschool, on her own, and earning her way as a janitor at her school, but most importantly; has been accepted to Harvard University.  Surviving a childhood that would seem crippling to many, as a kid she had the presence of mind to make the conscious decision that she was going to change her life.

Dawn Loggins working to support herself and on her way to Harvard

“When I was younger,” Loggins said.  “I looked around at my family and I saw the neglect, the drug abuse, the bad choices and I saw my family living from paycheck to paycheck, and I just made a decision that I was not going to end up like my parents. I wasn’t going to end up having to decide should I buy food this month or should I pay my rent.”

Loggins’ application to the Ivy League university stood out among the 36,000 others.  According to WISTV, she reportedly gasped when she opened her acceptance letter.  She put in overtime when enrolling into the 10th grade; after missing 2 months and being considered a dropout, she took online courses in order to catch up.

It started when her parents abandoned her and she went to live with a grandmother who was less than sanitary.  She was teased and bullied because of her appearance and hygiene.  “When I lived with my grandma,” said Loggins, “There was trash all over the house.  She never really explained to me like that it was important to shower – it was important to take care of yourself, so I would go months at a time without showering. I would wear the same dress to school for months at a time.”  Being called “ugly” was her norm.

Dawn Loggins, 18, studying harder than most. Unwilling to admit defeat.

As you can see, she’s pretty far from.

Her mother and step-father returned for her when she was 13, but Loggins said that her life didn’t improve.  When the family did have a place to stay, there were times that they were without power or water.  She recalls times that she had to do her homework by candlelight because as she said, “I am that determined to succeed.”  She is reportedly enrolled in AP and honors courses this semester.

She has earned some scholarship money from Harvard, and her community has come out in support to do what they can.  She is grateful for everything that they have done.

“There is always help for those who ask for it,” said Loggins. “There is always help for people who need it.  The generosity of this community is amazing.”

“If there is anybody at all who has a dream,” Loggins said. “Then they can definitely make it happen. There are no excuses. It depends on you and no one else.”

Author’s note:  This is a beautiful story.  This is what one person who refuses to be beaten down by life, and is determined to not only survive, can overcome.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t presidential candidate Newt Gingrich suggest this but was called a racist?   What say you NOW Maxine Waters?  What say you NOW Professor Michael Eric Dyson?

Watch the beatdown of Gingrich on MSNBC below, then feel free to throw up.

Kids working equals striking down the child labor laws, and if the unions are threatened, then he’s calling for legalized serfdom?  Oh yeah, and he’s a racist.  Unless you prescribe to their program, you’re a racist.  You like that?

America, young Dawn Loggins’ story is a story of strength and determination.  She showcases for people everywhere exactly what it is about America that makes us great.  She made no excuses, she blames no one, and took responsibility for herself.

My regular readers know that from time to time I give a history lesson.  This story jogged my memory of one such similar story from our nation’s not-so-distant past.

Did you know that one of our former presidents lived a very similar story?  It’s true!

President James A. Garfield 1831-1881. Elected 1880, assassinated in 1881.

America, if you didn’t know him, I would like to introduce you to our nation’s 20th president, President James Abram Garfield.  Incidentally, next to Lincoln, he’s my favorite of our presidents (not to take away from Washington, Adams, Coolidge, Eisenhower, and Reagan).

President Garfield was born to Scottish immigrant parents who settled and farmed in the wild west – which in those days was Ohio.  Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when we only extended that far.  His father and his uncle married two sisters, because that is what they did in those days.  During a winter wildfire, James’ father Abram, fought the fire which had threatened his young family, but fell ill and died of fever when James’ was almost 2.

James’ mother, Eliza, had to manage the farm and raise both he and his older brother alone.  The family was so poor, that James did not have a pair of shoes until he was 4.

As a teen, he shrugged off school and in turn left the family farm to pursue work building the Erie Canal.  After a near drowning experience that he believes should have killed him, he returned in the middle of the night to his mother’s farm, quite sick and with fever.  According to his diary entry, James said that upon arriving to the farm, he overheard his mother praying for God to bring him home safe to her.

After fighting off a fever that should have killed him, Mrs. Garfield begged her son not to return to the canal but go to school.  She gave him $15 that she had saved and sent him on his way.  He attended the Eclectic College and himself worked as a JANITOR in exchange for his tuition.  He never let anyone get to him over his plight, and academically outperformed many of his fellow classmates.  He excelled in subjects like mathematics and calculus to such an extent, that he earned himself a position as a PROFESSOR in just two years.

Charles Guiteau, loser with dillusions of grandure. Executed for his crime in 1882.

He later went on to the U.S. Army where he became an officer, and bounced back and forth between the House of Representatives and the Army, before being elected president in 1880.  His struggles hadn’t ended there though, he lost two children to illness, including his youngest daughter Dot, which almost destroyed his marriage.

President Garfield was assasinated in 1881, by Charles Guiteau.

Dawn Loggins is displaying to everyone, during one of the most harsh economic periods of our nation’s history; that yes, it CAN be done (not Yes, We Can, yes YOU can).  You and you alone are responsible for carving out your path and making your way in life.

You can sit on your ass and piss, bitch, and moan, that life dealt you a crappy hand – all you want.  At the end of the day, what you did and how far you got that day was by YOUR OWN doing alone.  If you expect a handout, expect to fail.

God bless you Dawn, we wish you all the best.  YOU embody what makes America great!  Go get ’em kid, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will go far.

(h/t:  The Blaze, WISTV.com)