Organization Boasts Providing An Abortion For A 14-Year-Old With A Bowl-A-Thon

Posted on May 8, 2012


Location Undisclosed (The Gaslamp Post) – “Getting an abortion means getting a second chance,” states the website of the group, The National Network of Abortion Funds.  The organization is a charity whose purpose is to provide funds to pay for abortions for those who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

Just some lady bowling, not an actual participant

The organization is boasting it’s efforts to raise the funds which provided a 14-year-old girl, who they call “Darcy,” with an abortion.  Darcy, lives in a single parent household, with her mother and sister.  She turned to the organization after she found herself pregnant and didn’t know what to do.

How did they raise these funds, you ask?  By holding a “Bowl-A-Thon.”  In all the group touts its massive earnings from this nationwide event of $479,910!  According to the NNAF, the clinic put her in touch with the organization after she found out how much abortions cost.

Condoms are cheaper than abortions, kids.  Or better yet, don’t have sex at 14!

Our life’s been so hard, and she’s always trying to protect me from stuff. I thought it would be too hard for her to know that I was pregnant and trying to get an abortion. But in the state where I live, minors can’t get an abortion without permission from a parent or a judge. So I did end up telling her.

“I’m pretty smart for 14, I think,” said Darcy, who was smart enough to wind up pregnant at 14.  “I love biology, especially the stuff on animals.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a vet.  I definitely want to start my own practice so that I make enough money and when I have kids I can be home with them.”

“Money’s always tight, though, and the abortion was going to cost more than our rent,” said Darcy.  “I had $20 that I got from babysitting, but my mom is already behind on bills and only had enough for gas to drive me to the clinic.  Getting my abortion means I’m going to get a second chance. And I want to make it count.”

(h/t:  DailyMail)