Readers Choice: Elderly Couple Beaten, Died From Injuries After Violent Home Invasion

Posted on May 8, 2012


Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Gary for this story – A 90-year-old Tulsa man has died from his injuries that he sustained during a March home invasion.  His wife Nancy, 85, who was also badly beaten in the attack, had passed on before her husband.  She died in the hospital two days after the attack.

The man, known as Bob Strait, and his wife Nancy, were married for 65 years and reportedly have four daughters and two sons.  Their marriage came to an end on March 13, 2012, when intruders came into their home and beat the couple.  Police say that Mrs. Strait was brutally killed by Tyrone Woodfork, 20, after he reportedly raped her.  The identity of his accomplices have not been announced but police name Woodfork as their principle person of interest.

Bob and Nancy Strait, married 65 years. Both have died from injuries sustained in a brutal home invasion on March 13.

Mr. Strait, had also been badly beaten and had been shot repeatedly in the face with a BB gun, according to

He reportedly died of his injuries at the home of his daughter, Andra.  “I believe Daddy would still be with us if he hadn’t killed mom,” Andra said. “He broke daddy’s jaw so he couldn’t eat, broke his ribs so he couldn’t get up and move around. We did get him up to watch the Braves game, but he even lost that joy.”

Bob Strait was a veteran of WWII, and served in the Army in the 101st Airborne Division.  He participated in the D-Day invasion and was awarded the Bronze Star.  He met his wife Nancy after the war and married her three weeks later, in 1946.

“He’s asleep,” Andra said. “No more pain, no more sorrow for his part. It’s what he wanted. He wanted to be where mom was and he’ll be buried with mama.”

The bed that Bob Strait laid in at the home of his daughter, before he died. Photo – News On 6

Woodfork was apprehended the day following the incident, after police spotted him driving Strait’s vehicle.  He is being held on charges of first degree murder, first degree burglary, armed  robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon, according to FoxNews.  More charges are expected to follow.

(h/t:, Fox News)