Hey Ladies! Thinking Of Hiring Another Broad To See If Your Beau Is Cheating? You May Want To Reconsider

Posted on May 10, 2012


UK (The Gaslamp Post) – Oh those whacky Brits!  Let this be a lesson to you broads out there who think you’re going to pull a fast one on your guy.  If you think he’s cheating, either find out for yourself or dump the guy.  Playing games like this will only bite you in the rear.

Case in point…

There is this gal named Samantha, 26, from Bristol who had a bad run when it came to her dating record.  The poor thing kept tossing in her line, only to pull up a loser.  A few guys were cheaters and one had even hit her, according to the Mirror.  In January 2011, she thought her luck had changed.

You see, there was this guy named Jack, 32, who was a friend of a friend.  Samantha said she had known of him for a few years and she thought he’d be different.  One day in January, she mustered up the courage and she asked him out.

Yes, apparently in the UK, guys don’t have to woo or flex confidence; women do all the work.  Nice, huh?

She said that she moved him in after about six weeks and that they were a really good fit for about a year or so.  Then, she said, things started changing and she began to suspect that there may be another woman.

Jack, 32, (left) and Samantha, 26, (right)

It all came to a head when she took his cell phone in for “repairs” and found a disturbing text to her man, from someone she did not know.  She said that the message which she saw had called him “sexy” and told him how much that person “loved” him.  “Him” being Samantha’s boyfriend, of course.

Nothing’s going on, nothing happened, it’s a wrong number; Jack gave her all the classic lines.  When she offered to call the person back on his phone, Samantha said he immediately deleted the number.  “I was shocked and thought ‘here we go again, this is where it all goes wrong’. The message couldn’t have made it clearer,” said Samantha.  “Something was going on.”

You know how women can never just leave well enough alone, right?  Instead of just handing the guy the keys to the street, Samantha’s brain hatched a scheme.  This with the help of her friends…  They suggested to “test” him.

Stand by for the story to go bad in 3… 2… 1…

At the suggestion of her friends, she went online and found a bucksome bombshell and hired her to trap, er, TEST her guy.  They negotiated a fee, she sent her a picture of Jack, set up the “sting”, and all Samantha had to do was wait for the queue and she could confront him.

The bait’s name?  Miss Honeytrap.  You can’t make this crap up…

“She would chat him up, invite him to buy her a drink and even take things as far as kissing him,” said Samantha.  “Then she’d arrange to meet him again at a hotel – that was her job done. I could then turn up and confront him.”

So on a Thursday night, Jack went out and Samantha sent Miss Honeytrap the details.  She said he came home around midnight and had something to eat but didn’t have much to say.

When she talked to Miss Honeytrap (I never get tired of saying that), she found out that she was able to locate Jack, and that she thought he was good-looking.  She told Samantha that he bought her a drink and then they went outside to make-out.  “They even arranged to meet again on the Tuesday night,” said Samantha.

“I didn’t want to believe it but this woman specialised in this sort of thing and he’d fallen for it hook, line, and sinker,” Samantha said.

“The funny thing was I wasn’t bothered about the other woman any more or whether she existed or not. What bothered me was the fact that he would cheat on me if the opportunity arose. That was just as bad and that effectively killed our relationship.”

Miss Honeytrap gave Samantha the heads up, that they had agreed to meet at a hotel that coming Tuesday evening and at what time.  Samantha told Honeytrap that she would be there.  “I was heartbroken,” said Samantha.  “He’d fallen for her so easily, but of course I said yes.”

Jane, aka Miss Honeytrap, 26

Jack reportedly disappeared sometime around noon on Saturday and that was the last Samantha had seen of her guy for a bit.

She started blowing up is cell but no one answered.  Sunday came and went, as she sent text after text.  Finally on Monday, she had some news.  When she called his job, she found out that he took the week off on short notice.

Finally after literally begging for a reply, Jack texted her back; “I’ve gone and I’m not coming back.”

She went to the hotel on Tuesday evening hoping to catch him and get some closure, but he never showed.  She phoned Miss Honeytrap to see if she had any answers.  Did Jack seem to suspect anything?  Was he on to her plan?  “She said no, but told me at least I knew now he wasn’t faithful.”

After a week of sobbing that seemed to never end, Samantha did what anyone in that situation would most likely do; went out that Friday with her friends and got tanked.  “We ended up in a wine bar at midnight. As I took a sip of my gin and tonic I saw Jack from across the room. He was with another woman.”

Samantha decided that she was cocked and loaded enough, to go and confront her ex who had replaced her so quickly.  Then she realized who he was with.

“He was sat there with the honeytrap who I recognised from a photo on the website,” she says. “I asked what the hell she was doing and looking really nervous she said sorry, that it had just happened.

“I had to get this straight: ‘So you’re telling me I set you up to test my boyfriend and you stole him from me?’

“She looked down at her drink and admitted they were seeing each other. Jack didn’t seem bothered at all. He just sat with a hint of a smug smile on his face.

And with that, Samantha lost it.  She sent her gin and tonic sailing at Honeytrap, coating her with the drink and glass just missing her head.

She said she raved and fumed at Honeytrap, and demanded her money back.  Her friends had to drag her away from the two.

After a few weeks, Jack mustered up the courage to go to the place that he and Samantha shared, in order to retrieve his things.  She made a point of leaving his stuff on the front porch.  She asked him if he was still seeing her, and he admitted he was.  He said he was quite taken with “Jane,” and also admitted to having been seeing someone on the side during his relationship with Samantha.

Miss Honeytrap, or Jane, 26, said that she’s given up her business.  It wasn’t ever really that successful anyways.  “The idea was to test men out, not steal them. I wouldn’t say I stole Jack. Their relationship was doomed the moment she booked me because once the trust goes in a relationship that’s it.”

(h/t:  The Mirror)