OH SNAP! Head Of Teacher’s Union Suspended For Tweaking Granddaughter’s Grades!

Posted on May 13, 2012


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – The president of the faculty teacher’s union at Bergen Community college has been suspended without pay, after allegations that he had instructed staff, to alter his granddaughter’s grades.

Professor Peter Helff, a math teacher, has been at the college for 42 years.

The board of trustees’ move to suspend Helff has come after a five-month long investigation headed by a former Superior Court justice.  According to nj.com, as many as 27 individuals were interviewed in connection with these allegations.

“It’s apparent that there was a flagrant violation by Peter Helff of policies and procedures for his benefit and the benefit of his granddaughter,” said Malcolm Curtis, head of the board’s personnel committee.

Attorney Robert Fagella, who represents Helff, says that the allegations are false.  “You’ve placed us in a situation in which it’s impossible to defend ourselves,” Fagella told the board.

Fagella says that his client has been unfairly targeted and says that the board is “going to be in for a real fight.”

(h/t:  nj.com, northjersey.com)

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