Man Charged With Killing Teen Who Robbed Him

Posted on May 14, 2012


Arkansas (The Gaslamp Post) – Police say a Little Rock man who chased a teenager whom stole his wallet, and then ran him over with his minivan has been charged with first degree murder.  Michael Sadler, 58, who lives in a motel, told police that he had just cashed a $1300 check at a the Asher 1 stop and had asked two boys if they could help him locate a man who he says, stole a gun from him.

Michael Sadler, 58, charged with first degree murder

Sadler said that when he took out his wallet, offering to pay for their assistance, one of the teens reached into the van and grabbed his wallet.  The two teens then reportedly took off on their bikes with Sadler in pursuit.

The chase reportedly ended just blocks away, witnesses said that Sadler was driving through people’s yards.  One man who saw the teen, now identified as Michael Stanley Jr., 14, came out to yell at him for tearing up his grass before he realized what was happening.

A witness said that as he was riding uphill, Stanley fell off of his bike a moment before Sadler ran him over.  Sadler is then said to have stopped his van and got out to confront the teen.  “He pulled him from under the vehicle and then he started hitting him saying ‘Where’s my billfold? Where’s my billfold?'” said Alexander Phillips, who witnessed the scene.

According to Philips, Sadler then began pulling Stanley’s clothes off, in search of his wallet.

Emergency crews arrived within minutes and transported him to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, but was pronounced dead.

Sadler reportedly told police that there was blood coming from Stanley’s mouth and his eyes had rolled back into his head.  He said that he was not answering him when he demanded to know about his wallet.  The man added that he didn’t want to hurt the teen, he only wanted his money back.

Sadler has pleaded not guilty and is being held on $1M bond.

(h/t:  myfox16)