Occupiers Try To Ambush Rush Limbaugh’s Office, Miss The Mark By 1000 Miles!

Posted on May 18, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – And they wonder why they’re unemployed…  Well since they were there anyway, a group of Occupy protesters in Chicago decided that they were going to go speak their peace at the office of Rush Limbaugh, yesterday.  Just one problem, Limbaugh’s office isn’t in Chicago.

Occupy protesters ammassing outside of what they thought was the office building where Rush Limbaugh’s office was. Photo The Blaze

Truth be told, they were actually occupying the location of a radio station, one of literally HUNDREDS, which broadcasts the conservative host’s radio show.  Limbaugh reportedly hails from Palm Beach, Fl.

They did eventually figure it out, bless their misshapen little heads.  To their credit, they didn’t let it get them down.  With NATO being in town, they went back to plan A.

(h/t:  The Blaze)