Duct Tape Wearing Near Naked Woman Kicks Crap Out Of 3 Cops

Posted on May 22, 2012


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – Three police officers were hospitalized after a tussle with a drunken, handcuffed woman, who they were trying to take into custody.  Police say that the woman, who was wearing hot pink duct tape over certain parts of her chest, had already attacked patrons and the bartender of the pub which she was tossed out of.

Not the girl from the story, but you can’t tell me that’s not hot.

According to the SeattlePi, an intoxicated woman began stripping in a bar, this past Saturday night, and then began strategically placing pieces of hot pink duct tape on her chest.  The bartender cut her off and threw her out, which is when she reportedly injured the bartender, and clawed a female patron’s face upon her exit.

She was then said to have run to a KFC/Taco Bell once she saw police arrive.  The woman was found attempting to hide in the ladies restroom.  She is said to have “freaked out” once officers placed her in hand cuffs and attempted to place her in the back of the squad car.

According to the officers, the woman kicked at the head of one of the officers from the back seat, and then did an over-the-head roll, where she tumbled out of the other side of the car.  Once back outside of the patrol car, she became the feet of fury, kicking violently at the officers as they tried to get her back into the car.

One officer received a concussion, another’s tendon of his pinky finger was literally severed, and the third suffered a dislocated jaw.  The responding officers, although seriously injured, were able to get the woman into the car.  She, along with the officers, went to the hospital for treatment.

Once at the hospital, she reportedly went into attack mode once again, but this time was heavily sedated.  They drugged her to the point of unconsciousness, according to reports.

She, along with the officers, were treated and released.  The woman was booked into the King County Jail.  She is expected to be charged with assault.

(h/t:  SeattlePi)