Woman Confesses To Having Sex With Boyfriend’s 7-Year-Old Son

Posted on May 22, 2012


Ohio (The Gaslamp Post) – Police say a 20-year-old woman has confessed to engaging in sexual intercourse with her boyfriend’s 7-year-old son.  The woman, Alicia Gaston, admitted to having sex with the boy back in April of 2011.

Alicia Gaston, 20, stands in court Monday, facing charges that she raped a 7-year-old boy. Photo Glen Hartong – The Enquirer

Hamilton County Job and Family Services said that not only were they left in the dark about the entire situation, but have no idea why on earth this case took so long to prosecute.  Gaston’s attorney expressed doubts that the boy would have been physically capable of engaging in intercourse.

He also said that mental issues may be involved.

Gaston was ordered to stay away from the boy, and was ordered held on $75,000 bond.

(h/t:  Cincinnatti.com)

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