UPDATE: Soldier Beaten By Blacks In South Tampa

Posted on May 23, 2012


UPDATE:  Police have made 3 arrests in the case.  The update follows the original story below.

Originally posted 5/15/2012

Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – Tampa Police say a young soldier walking home after his car broke down, was jumped and beat down by three, maybe four, black males.  Surveillance video taken by a residence nearby reveals the violent attack, which happened in the early hours of this past Sunday.

According to reports, the 24-year-old soldier, who serves in the United States Army, was returning home at around 3 am, this past Sunday, when his car broke down.  The young man is reportedly stationed at MacDill AFB, but lives off base nearby.

While attempting to walk home, the soldier said that he saw someone from a group ahead of him drop back.  He said that the individual asked to borrow a dollar and then sucker punched him as he reached for his wallet.  Within seconds, the rest of his group jumped on him, punching and kicking him, as he was on the ground.

A short time later, a fourth male, who he remembered passing as he walked, joined in.  The assailants, who the soldier described as late teen or early twenties, were all black with the exception of one who may have been hispanic.  They stole his wallet and cell phone after the attack.

The soldier said that he went door to door, trying desperately to find someone to call 911 for him.  He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and is expected to recover.  Police are asking that anyone with information about this attack, call them at 813-354-6600.

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UPDATE 5/23/2012 – Police say they have made some arrests in connection with the attack on the young soldier.  According to WMAZ-TV, police have 3 of the 4 suspects in custody, and plan to have the remaining suspect soon.  A combination of tips from the public, video surveillance video, and interviews led police to the suspects.

For the remaining suspect still at large, the police have only one thing to say to him; “We’re coming for you.”

The third suspect arrested, Jared Richardson,18, was caught after analyzing the video footage recovered from the resident’s home, which was given to police.  In the video, police say that just before the attack occurred, a white Chevy Impala was seen driving past the camera.  Richardson was driving that same car at the time of his arrest.

A search of his home turned up clothing which matches that which was worn by one of the soldier’s assailants.

The three suspects arrested so far, in connection with the attack of a soldier returning home early on the morning of May 13, 2012. Left to Right; Jared Richardson, 18, Lerome Howard, 18, and Geroshe Lewis, 18.

Also apprehended in the case were Lerome Howard, 18, and Geroshe Lewis, also 18.  The three men are described as seniors in high school.  Due to the severity of the charges, Richardson will not be allowed back, according to a school district spokesman.

Police are not calling this a hate crime, but rather a crime of opportunity.  All three have been charged with Aggrivated Battery and Robbery.

According to police Richardson waived his right to remain silent and confessed to his role in the beating. He was charged with two felonies; aggravated battery and strong armed robbery.  He was released overnight on Monday, after posting $15,000 bond. 

Lerome Howard also admitted to his role in the attack.  He is reportedly the one who initially sucker punched the soldier.  He along with Lewis were ordered held on $50,000 bond.  Lewis was released over the weekend after posting an undisclosed amount, but the judge in the case may end up revoking the bond, according to Bay News 9.

The soldier, now identified as Army Sgt. Johnny Aparicio, is still recovering from the attack where he lost a tooth, suffered a broken nose, and an eye that was too swollen to open.  He was reported to have been relieved at the news of the arrests, and awaits news of the fourth suspect’s capture.

Neither the soldier’s cell phone nor his wallet have been recovered.

(h/t:  WMAZ-TV, Bay News 9)

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