Mommy And Daddy Burglars Pull Heist, Leave Baby In The Car

Posted on May 24, 2012


Originally posted 4/3/2012

Louisiana (Busted In Acadiana) – James Wren (above left), 25, and Holly Watkins (above right), 23, were jailed Wednesday after they allegedly burglarized a home while their infant son waited in the getaway car.

According to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, Wren and Watkins were burglarizing a Chelsea home when they were interrupted by the home owner’s family.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived to find the burglar couple’s 4-month-old son crying in the back seat of their car.

Deputies found jewelry and other valuables hidden inside a pillow case in the woods – not far from where Watkins had been walking. Several other jewelry items were found in the couple’s Chevy Tahoe.

“You’ve got two thugs wanting to go out here and steal, that’s one thing,” said Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton. “You’ve got them introducing a 4-month-old baby into the situation, I certainly think there’s a special place in hell for those people.”

Wren and Watkins were booked into the Rogers County Jail and charged with burglary, obstructing an officer, knowingly concealing stolen property and child endangerment.

DHS officials have placed the baby into protective custody.

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