Cows Crashed Beer Bash, Took Beer From Guests

Posted on May 26, 2012


Massachusetts (The Gaslamp Post) – Responding to a call about loose cows, Boxford police arrived at a home to find the loose herd moving into the backyard of a residence.  There was a small gathering of young adults at the home, at the time.

According to the Associated Press, Lt. James Ritter, of the Boxford PD says that soon after the cows disappeared into the backyard, he heard screaming.  After running to the backyard, Lt. Ritter said that he witnessed cows chasing off partygoers and flipping tables.  He also reportedly witnessed cows drinking the beer which had spilled, as well as intentionally knocking over other beers, and lapping up their contents.

Some cows were even going through recycle bins in what they believe was an attempt to recover any residual beer.

Area friends, along with Ritter, were able to herd the cows back to their home.  None of the cows were charged.

(h/t:  UT Sandeigo)