Dairy Cows To Get Waterbeds And Massages?

Posted on May 29, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – You can’t make this crap up!  Happy cows come from California?  Not so, says America’s Dairyland!  In fact, the good people of the great state of Wisconsin are prepared to go above and beyond for their heifers, in order to preserve their title as the dairy producing capital of the United States.

How on earth are they going to do this?

By letting cows sleep on water-beds and receive messages to help melt away their stress.  Yes, you read that correctly.  According to the Post Crescent, farmers have known for generations that happy cows produce more milk.

Expanding on this little tidbit of agricultural wisdom, Wisconsin farmers have begun to invest in water-beds for their lactating ladies.  In cases where old Bessie isn’t moving around as well as she used to, they are also bringing in “animal chiropractors,” to work the backs of the cows.

It’s all aimed at getting more (and better) milk.

Veterinarian Sara Gilbertson says that the animals are only apprehensive about the treatment, until they realize how good it feels.

Although no scientific data exists to support the claims of higher milk production, the farmers swear by it.  Farmers have already resorted to playing classical music, and claim that it does the trick.

(h/t:  Post Crescent)