Readers Choice: Police Save Life Of Man Stabbing Himself, Throwing His Own Intestines At Them

Posted on June 2, 2012


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Ted, for this story – A man who stabbed himself about 40 times and threw his own intestines at police last Sunday, is hospitalized and is expected to live.  Police say that they responded to a call from the man’s brother earlier that night, stating that his brother was intending to hurt himself.

Responding officers arrived at the home of the man’s mother, found him hostile, and armed with a kitchen knife and a hammer, according to  He reportedly told police that he wanted to die. 

Wayne Carter, 44, stabbed himself 40 times according to police. He remains in Hackensack Medical Center. Image Bergen County Police

The man, identified as 44-year-old Wayne Carter, had barricaded himself in his room, using furniture to block the door.  Police were able to gain entry to the room and found Carter armed.  Carter is reported to have a history of mental illness. 

Officers said that Carter began shouting at them and refused the order to drop his weapons, he instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen.  As police came closer, he began throwing pieces of his own flesh and intestines at them.

Police reportedly used at least two full cans of pepper spray on Carter, which had no effect.  They then attempted to use less-lethal “sponge” ammunition; firing 13, 40mm rounds at his thighs and arms.  The impact, described as a hit from a fast-ball, did not appear to phase Carter either.

Finally, SWAT officers grabbed a 6-foot-tall fire ladder and used it to pin Carter’s body against the wall so other officers could move in and subdue him.  Due to the amount of blood loss experienced by Carter, this move is believed to have saved his life.

As soon as Carter was restrained, SWAT medics immediately went to work attempting to stabilize him.  He was reportedly rushed to the hospital so fast, that the entire trip is said to have been literally 4 minutes from the time he was cuffed in his mother’s home, to the doors of the hospital.

Police are saying that unlike another incident earlier this week, the substance known as “bath salts” had no part in this incident.  Carter remains at the Hackensack University Medical Center, in critical condition.  No word yet if he is to be charged.