Your Parenting FAIL Story Of The Day: Baby In Carseat Found After Stoned Mom Drove Off With Him On The Roof Of Her Car

Posted on June 2, 2012


Arizona (The Gaslamp Post) – Phoenix police received a report of a baby in the road, around 1:oo am, this morning.  Officers located the 1-month-old infant, still strapped in his car seat, and rushed him to the hospital.  The infant’s mother has been arrested and the baby is in protective custody.

Catalina Clouser, 19, pictured with her newborn son. She’s accused of leaving her baby on the roof of her car and then driving away, while being under the influence of marijuana – Image Facebook

According to KTVK-TV, the baby’s mother, Catalina Clauser, 19, had been with her boyfriend and infant son in a nearby park late yesterday evening.  She and her boyfriend had reported to have been smoking marijuana.  Sometime around 11:00 pm, Friday, the couple left to go buy beer but were stopped by police.  Clauser’s boyfriend was reportedly arrested for aggravated DUI, because of the baby in the car.

Distraught over her boyfriend’s arrest, Clauser reportedly went to a friend’s house where she smoked more marijuana.  Clauser was said to have consumed between 1 and 2 bowls full, according to the Daily Mail.  She then left with her baby, who was reportedly sleeping in his car seat, sometime around midnight.

It is believed by police that Clauser placed her baby on the roof of her car while getting into her car, but forgot he was there, prior to driving off.  Police responded to the call of an abandoned baby in the road, and immediately rushed to the scene.

Clauser realized something was wrong when she got home and called her friends, to help her search for her baby.  She reportedly approached officers at the scene and identified herself as the baby’s mother as well as admitted what she had done.

She was arrested and charged with aggravated DUI and child abuse.

(h/t:  KTVK-TVDaily Mail)