Local Superheros Defend City From OCCUPY Protestors.

Posted on June 4, 2012


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – He’s back, and he don’t play…  Phoenix Jones, the “Guardian of Seattle,” once again lived up to his title when he walked the walk, against May Day protestors last month.

The locally famed crime fighter didn’t wait to be asked, but jumped into action, along with two other costumed crusaders.

“I don’t care if people want to protest, that’s your right  as an American,” said Jones. “But when you want to hurt  other people’s businesses, when you want to break  property, when you want to vandalize, I don’t put up with  that.”

Phoenix Jones defending innocent citizens during May Day Occupy protests

Phoenix Jones, accompanied by sidekick Midnight Jack, and fellow crime fighter, El Caballero, went up against the mob of anarchist protestors.  Jones, who was arrested last year for pepper spraying a bad guy, avoided using the substance on the occupiers, and relied solely on his fists.

By day, mild mannered private citizen, Benjamin John Francis Fodor. By night, crime fighter and patriot, Phoenix Jones.

The charges against Jones last October, were dropped.

In a phone interview with KPLU, Jones made the point of stating, “Phoenix Jones pepper sprays no one”.  That’s not to say that those unlucky rabble rousers who damaged the property in front of crime fighter Midnight Jack, received the same treatment.

Unlucky Occupy protestor runs afoul of Midnight Jack

Jones, along with his crime-fighting companions, faced an onslaught of primitive weapons, as they bravely faced the violent crowds.  “I got hit in the face with a stick and hit with a rock,” said Jones, as he recounted his work that day.

“They broke the windows to the building and then started  throwing stuff that was on fire and exploding inside the  building where the people were,” said Jones. “That’s when  me and Midnight Jack and Cabbie said ‘this is enough,  we’re stepping in.'”

Jones had this to say about the days events, to Q 13 Fox-TV:

“At a certain point we’re standing in front of the building, stuff on fire, dudes throwing rocks and stuff and there’s 60 people in front of us and literally can’t leave, so now we have to defend the building because we can’t go anywhere else. It was sort of intense that way,” Jones said.

“Then I got hit with a little of the pepper bomb, so we went back-to-back to make sure they couldn’t circle us. Once we went back-to-back, we went in front of the door. I was like this and Jack was on my back.  We just stood there basically and made sure no one came in.”

On the scene, El Caballero (left), Midnight Jack (center), and Phoenix Jones (right).

“It is ridiculous and against everything I stand for to watch people purposely commit acts of terror, violence,  and mayhem,” Jones wrote on his Facebook page.  “I’m willing to take a rock or take a stick if I have  to.”

Jones, along with his fellow crime fighters continue to patrol their streets, doing their best to make the streets of Seattle safer.

(h/t:  KPLU, MyNorthwest.com)