D-Day: 68 Years Ago Today Spelled The Beginning Of The End For One Of The Most Evil Empires In History

Posted on June 6, 2012


United States (The Gaslamp Post) – On this day in 1944, the United States led an allied invasion of a piece of French coastline, known as Normandy.  The mission, which was to punch a hole into the Nazi German’s defenses, took place in two locations and was a pivotal turning point of World War II.

Adolph Hitler’s famous field marshal, General Rommel, set up intricate defenses along the coastline, which was intended to prevent any such onslaught from sea.  If history has taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the forces of good, when it comes to conquering evil.

Americans didn’t invent war, we’re just damn good at it.

U.S. Army Infantrymen, along with Naval ground forces, and some Marines, hit the beaches at predetermined locations, called “Utah” and “Omaha,” in an operation called “Overlord”.

Many brave men lost their lives that day, in a maneuver which sent the message to the vile dictator and murderer, Adolph Hitler, that his days were numbered.

An estimated 2500 American soldiers, and some 3000 Allied troops, lost their lives that day, but Nazi Germany received one hell of a black eye.  Through their sacrifice, men of the Greatest Generation, ensured that freedom through out the world would not slip away, quietly in the dark pages of history.

Today we remember not only the sacrifices of those brave men that day, but that freedom is worth fighting for.

D-Day demonstrated for the ages, that when America wants you, we’re going to get you.

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