Postal Carrier Calls Cops When Man Seen Outside, Handling His Own Package.

Posted on June 6, 2012


Georgia (The Gaslamp Post) – Ever think to yourself, “I’m not paid enough to put up with this $hit”?  That is more than likely what went through the mind of one unlucky mail carrier, last Friday, when she ended up face to face with a naked man on his front porch.

Brian Pruett, 40, accused of doing no-no’s on his front porch. Image Cobb County Sheriff

Whoever wrote “neither sleet nor snow, nor dark of night,” obviously hadn’t run into this issue before.

Police say the mail carrier had called them when she noticed that the man was out in public, reportedly “touching himself”.  She unfortunately had a delivery for his house.  Authorities arrested Brian Pruett, 40, of Kennesaw, and charged him with public indecency.  According to other mail carriers on his route, this isn’t his first time appearing naked on his front porch.

Pruett was released Saturday after posting $5000 bond.