City To Pay Homeless Bums To Adopt Dogs.

Posted on June 14, 2012


Watch your step around the pan handlers, folks.  Those sidewalks may hold a surprise or two!

California (The Gaslamp Post) – A program set to kick off August 1st is aimed at extending a helping hand to bums and bowsers alike.  Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos, or “WOOF” is a pilot program that is intended to keep animal euthanasia down and teach skills to homeless people in San Francisco. 

According to KTVU-TV, an individual who “occupies” a room in supportive housing, has no history of violence, and no problems with drugs or alcohol can adopt a dog from an animal shelter and receive $300 a month.  “We have rowdy, adolescent dogs that need some boundaries, taught to sit, come, not jump up on people,” said San Francisco Animal Care and Control Director Rebecca Katz.  “We have under-age puppies that can’t be made available for adoption until they’re at least eight weeks old.”

Although the initial project is privately funded and is only supposed to last 3 months or so, city officials like Housing Opportunity Partnerships and Engagement’s director Beavan Dufty, think that they can locate funds to help further the project.  Dufty, who was appointed to the position as director in January of this year, has worked hard to address homelessness, by expanding supportive (free) housing to those in need (who won’t work).

“[It’s] Part-time employment that supplements an income (like panhandling) and gives somebody something that they feel good about,” explained Dufty.  “Something where they’re helping an animal not be euthanized.”

(h/t:  KTVU-TV)