Fire Fighter Caught Robbing Store Dressed As The Green Goblin?

Posted on June 15, 2012


North Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – An ex-firefighter who was arrested on 43 charges relating to armed robbery last Tuesday has been hospitalized and is in critical condition after an apparent suicide attempt.  Damon Antonio Quick, 35, of Durham, is the primary suspect in a string of armed robberies at area businesses.  In all cases, the robber was reported to have been completely covered, wearing a Green Goblin mask, and a hoodie.

The Green Goblin is a villain character in the famed Spider-Man series.

Quick was found in his cell Wednesday afternoon by an officer performing a safety check.  He is believed to have attempted suicide and is reportedly in the hospital with unstable vital signs.

Quick, who earned $40,428 a year as a Durham firefighter, is reported to have been with the department since 2003.  Fire dept. officials declined to comment if Quick was the reason that security codes had to be changed over a series of thefts at the fire station.

Police caught Quick in the act of robbing a Dollar store, dressed exactly like the suspect of the previous robberies, and with a loaded .45 caliber handgun.  He is reported to have resisted arrest when confronted by officers, at around 9:00 pm Tuesday.

Ex-fire fighter Damon Antonio Quick, 35, arrested June 12, 2012 after robbing a dollar store, wearing a Green Goblin mask.

He was terminated from the department Wednesday.  According to ABC news, Quick was charged with:

– 19 counts of second-degree kidnapping

– 11 counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon

– 2 counts of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon

– 7 counts of assault by pointing a gun

– 2 counts of assault with deadly weapon

– 2 counts communicating threats

In several cases, Quick is alleged to have hit the businesses around closing time, when customers were not as frequent.  He is the primary suspect in a six-week string of robberies which led to an ATF investigation. 

He is also suspected to have robbed another Dollar Tree store on June 1, Captain D’s and Dominos restaurants, May 23, Family Dollar, May 22, Dollar General, May 17, Family Dollar, May 12, and Game Stop, May 8.  In some of the robberies he is reported to have taken cash and wallets from employees, as well as robbing the businesses.

Quick remains in custody on $9 million bond. 

(h/t:  News ObservermyFox8, ABC)

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