Man Wanders Through Walmart, Grabs Clothes, Eats, And Random Rear Ends

Posted on June 18, 2012


This incident occurred in a Walmart, in Wisconsin.  Neither of those two facts surprise me.

Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Store security officers at the Walmart in LaCrosse say a man spent about 45 minutes in their store Sunday, wandering around, taking and putting on clothing from the store, sampled various groceries, and even touched random females on their bottoms. 

According to the LaCrosse Tribune, the man, 40-year-old Peter J. Solberg (pictured above) had amassed a small wardrobe of off-the-rack items, eaten various groceries and deli items, chugged a bottle of chilled wine, and had grabbed the rear end of another female customer.

Solberg was approached by security after being given several opportunities to pay for what he was wearing, but he reportedly refused to acknowledge the officers. 

Another woman is reported to have come forward to report that her daughter’s rear was also grabbed by Solberg.

Initially Solberg denied being in the Walmart store until police pointed out the Walmart price tag, still attached to the shorts he was wearing.  Police informed him that they would be taking his shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt as evidence.

He’s facing misdemeanor charges of forth-degree sexual assault, disorderly conduct, misdemeanor theft, and bail jumping.

(h/t:  LaCrosse Tribune)

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