Did You Hear About This? Black Mobs Attack Whites In 3 Seperate Attacks, 4 Sent To The Hospital

Posted on June 19, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – Three mob style attacks in Chicago have left at least four people injured earlier this month.  All three happened on the same weekend and in all of the attacks, the victims were white and their attackers, black.  As usual, the mainstream media is leaving out this little detail in order to sweep it under the rug.

The attacks all seemed to have been in areas not typical for this sort of violence, leaving many residents afraid to walk the streets of their own neighborhoods.

Rather than call any of it hate crimes, police are referring to these separate incidents as crimes of opportunity.

A couple was attacked on the city’s Metra commuter “Red” line.  The man who was beaten reportedly asked a black teenager to return his wife’s iphone after he had snatched it up when she had dropped it.  He was quickly surrounded and repeatedly beaten in the face and head by a mob of black teens who accompanied the phone thief.

The man suffered a broken eye socket and broken teeth.  He awoke to a stranger (who turned out to be a doctor) and his wife attending to his injuries.  Police have made no arrests and have no suspects.

Shortly before the attack on the train, another group of black teens jumped two other individuals in the downtown area.  A group described as a mob of black teens attacked the two men, robbing them, and leaving one with serious injuries.  One of the victims suffered only a bloody lip, but the other survived with a broken jaw.

The mob reportedly fled but police managed to cut them off a short distance away, making ten arrests.  Seven of the teens were charged as minors with felony mob action, and one 18-year-old, Mitchell Coradarrowe (pictured left), was charged as an adult with felony mob action and aggravated battery.

The men reported that they spotted the mob walking towards them and tried to avoid a confrontation prior to being attacked.

A man walking home from work the following day was attacked for no reason, and unlike the prior two attacks was not robbed, only beaten.  The 36-year-old victim was taken to the hospital with head injuries, including a cut to his right eye, but was reported to have been able to walk on his own.

“Things like that don’t happen in this neighborhood, and they shouldn’t happen,” said a Streeterville resident. “I’m wondering where all the police are.”

Residents of the area are on alert but no longer feel safe in their own neighborhoods.  This is especially troubling for people who must walk alone at night and are already seeing signs of trouble.  “It definitely can escalate quickly if you even dare talk back, or put up any sort of resistance with that mob mentality,” said a female resident. “You’re outnumbered. It’s just not wise.”

Chicago’s top cop, Garry McCarthy has assured the city that he has a plan in place and knows how to deal with this sort of violence.  He has promised to increase police presence throughout the downtown area.

Curious to see how that would be possible as during last weekend’s visit to his hometown, President Obama received 200 Chicago Police Officers as security, to cover only one square city block.

(h/t:  Sun Times, CBS Local, WBBM-TV)