Former Cop Marries Pregnant 15-Year-Old Girlfriend… Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?

Posted on June 26, 2012


New Mexico (The Gaslamp Post) – A former police officer and his father who is a judge are among several individuals currently being investigated in connection with a wedding that took place between the officer and his 15-year-old, pregnant girlfriend.  The former police officer, Noah Pestak, 29, of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, could be facing statutory rape charges in connection with the investigation.

Pestak along with his 15-year-old pregnant bride. Image KOB-TV.

In New Mexico, state law prohibits sexual relations between and adult and a minor under the age of 16.  It is however, legal in New Mexico for a girl under the age of 16 to be married if she is pregnant.

In addition to Noah, his father, Magistrate Thomas Pestak, along with two other judges are under investigation by state police for their role in allowing the marriage to happen.  Upon request for the union, two judges reportedly recused themselves, but two others went along.  District Court Judge Kevin Sweazea is reported to have signed off on it and municipal Judge Beatrice Sanders performed the ceremony, according to KOB-TV

The wedding is reported to have happened last month.  Noah was reported to have resigned from the police department about a week after the wedding.  He was reportedly under investigation for misuse of Sheriff’s department vehicles.

(h/t:  KRQE-TV, KOB-TV)

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